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EXCLUSIVE: Reformed £5m Heist Mastermind Terry Ellis now helping homeless in North London  

BRITAIN has a new working-class hero in ex-bank robber Terry Ellis, the man behind a daring Oceans 11 style £5m Heist in 2007.

Now the words of ex-offender Ellis, who reformed and started to give back to his community found Clint a young homeless man living in a car park in Camden, North London. 

Clint had nothing to survive on; no food and no shelter.

Terry who runs a catering business Scoff Meals couldn’t turn away and arranged to deliver food to Clint and even built him a shelter out of cardboard boxes to keep him warm. 

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Scoff Meals that offers a delivery service of healthy nutritious meals , was established by Terry’s daughter Terri Ellis with her partner Robin in 2018, employing local people who were unable to get back in the job market due to their criminal history.

As a shareholder to the company, Terry feels that it’s important to show the community that ex-offenders are more than their pasts.

As well as a business; Scoff Meals offers help for the homeless and free meals to people on low incomes, due to the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ and has also delivered free meals to vulnerable people who were affected by Covid-19 last year.



HIS daring multimillion-pound raid of telecommunications giant Verizon in 2007 in north London took four weeks to plan – and most of those involved have never been convicted of the robbery.

“We wanted to do something that took it to a different level – the art of robbery I suppose,” Ellis told Sky News.

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“We didn’t want to hurt anybody. That’s why we didn’t take any guns, any tools, any weapons.

“We didn’t want to be like the normal oik, armed robbers brandishing guns, terrorising people. That’s not what we were about.

“Our game was robbery. We weren’t in the game of hurting people.”

Arriving in police-style vehicles and dressed in officers’ uniforms, complete with a dog handler and an Alsatian, the group duped security staff by claiming they were investigating reports of an intruder on the roof.


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