UNDERMINING JUSTICE?: Looney Lammy’s HORRIBLE HISTORY with the justice system

DAVID Lammy has been promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as new Labour leader Keir Starmer’s Shadow Secretary of State for Justice.

This has caused some controversy, given the Tottenham MP’s past criticising and undermining the criminal justice system in this country.

2015: Calls for 300,000 illegal aliens to remain in the UK

During his attempts to become Mayor of London under the Labour Party banner (more on that later), Lammy called for an amnesty programme for 300,000 illegal aliens then living in London, for economic reasons. Very few other politicians have called for such measures, the only other main one being current Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

March 2016: Fined £5,000 for nuisance calls

During his attempt to become London Mayor, he became the first sitting MP to be fined for nuisance calls. This came as during this campaign, he had instigated over 35K automatic calls to Labour Party members without gaining the permission of those members.

He was later forced to pay £5,000 and apologised for the behaviour. In the end, it wasn’t worth it, with him coming fourth behind Diane Abbott, Tessa Jowell and winner and eventual London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

June 2016: Undermines legal democratic mandates by calling for the EU Referendum result to be ignored to ‘stop this madness’

In the EU Referendum, Lammy was an open Remain campaigner, even going as far to claim (in a now infamous clip) that Indian soldiers who had fought for Britain in World War Two did so to for the ‘European project’.

After the referendum had called a result for ‘Leave’ by a 52% margin, he claimed that as the referendum was ‘advisory’ and ‘non-binding’, that Parliament needed to ‘stop this madness’. This led to some starting petitions to call for him to resign, because he was arguing against a system which gave him his job as an MP in the first place. He later became one of the biggest names in the People’s Vote campaign, which sought to have a second referendum on EU membership.

June 2017: Grenfell was ‘corporate manslaughter’… with no evidence

In one the worst takes concerning the Grenfell tower fire (in a litany of leftie exploitation of the tragedy), Lammy claimed – with no evidence at the time – that the event had been ‘corporate manslaughter’.

The fire affected him personally, with a close friend of his (Khadija Saye) dying during the incident. He even compared the incident to the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy, whereby police action led to 96 football fans dying, in a manner which a jury later described as ‘unlawful killing’.

During a BBC interview with Andrew Neil about the subject matter to clarify such remarks, he was open on how he had ‘no evidence’ to back up his claim, nor could he ‘answer’ specific questions on that.

September 2017: British justice system is ‘racist’

While Lammy had been arguing this line for a while now, he seemed to be vindicated, due to a report he conducted and released on the subject matter.

He claimed in the report that ‘BAME individuals still face bias, including overt discrimination’ in prison sentencing, all the while that the justice system needed to ‘diversify staff’ in order to improve building trust. He concluded the report by claiming that a communitarian approach to solving crime, all the while more diversity was needed in the criminal justice system to help solve the problem. The British government at the time (headed by Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May) claimed that they were going to ‘look carefully’ at the recommendations.

The report itself was heavily criticised on release, and was accused of being misleading and not providing sufficient enough evidence to back up its findings. Many took the report apart, mainly those of Civitas CEO David Green in The Spectator (who claimed that it was just being used to promote ‘racial quotas’ in the police force) and Patrick Worrall at Channel 4 Fact Check (who pointed out that it didn’t answer the question as to whether there was any ‘racial bias’ in sentencing).

He produced similar research surrounding supposed racism against BAME people in academia, of which was also heavily criticised and taken apart by Channel 4 Fact Check as well.

April 2018: Argues murder victim was ignored… because of racism

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper surrounding crime in London, Lammy noted that someone being gunned down in a shooting in the Wood Green area was not given national attention as the victim was ‘black’.

He claimed that the victim didn’t receive ‘national attention’ because he was ‘black’, and that it proved that Britain didn’t believe that ‘black lives matter’. He also argues that the so-called ‘war on drugs’ has failed (more on that later).

July 2019: Advocates to end the so-called ‘war on drugs’… allowing more young people to access such poison

Despite his borough in Haringey having a 116% higher drug crime rate than the UK average, Lammy has called for cannabis to be decriminalised, and feels that it will be so in a decade.

Along with Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb and Conservative MP Johnathan Djanogly, he took part in a BBC Newsbeat documentary called ‘Legalising Weed: Canada’s Story’, whereby he concluded that he was ‘always of the view that it is insane to be criminalising as many young people as we are… prohibition isn’t working’. Djanogly was the only one of three not to take a position.

Courtesy of Mail Online.

This contradicts the official facts on the subject matter, as drugs as de facto decriminalised in the UK already, through various actions by numerous governments. This mainly includes the many police forces using what is called the ‘cannabis warning’ to let people off when caught taking them, and Lord Hailsham back in 1973 instructing magistrates to stop sending people to prison for cannabis possession. Much of this is covered in Mail On Sunday journalist Peter Hitchens’ 2012 book The War We Never Fought, and former Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg admitted the same thing.

August 2019: Calls the government’s attempts to tackle crime ‘racist’

In one of the more bizarre attempts to lower crime, the government considered using chicken boxes as advertisements in order to steer young people away from crime. Home Secretary Priti Patel defended the policy, all the while Policing Minister Kit Malthouse claimed the plan would ‘bring home to thousands of young people the tragic consequences of carrying a knife and challenge the idea that it makes you safer’.

Lammy was one of the most open critics of the government policy, along with Labour MP Diane Abbott. After claiming the plan was a ‘kind of joke’, he asked whether ‘#KnifeFree watermelons’ were next.

This led to slight embarrassment later on, as leftie newspapers the Guardian and the Independent jumped on the bandwagon, claiming that such plans were racist, despite covering reports earlier on that drug gangs recruited children with food, like chicken from chicken shops.

February 2020: Foreign criminals being deported shows that ‘black lives’ don’t matter

In the latest batch of foreign criminals being deported (for crimes ranging from murder, rape and theft), there was much outrage on the left for it taking place. None more louder than Lammy.

During a meeting in Parliament, he tried to link it erroneously to the Windrush scandal, whereby people from that generation (because their papers had been destroyed in the early 2010s) were treated as illegal aliens, some of whom were deported, all the while Lammy called the deportations proof of ‘disrespect’ towards West Indian and Caribbean people. He then asked ‘when will black lives matter’ (presumably not those of the black victims of those same criminals by Lammy’s standards).

Such accusations of racism towards black people here are groundless, since most of those deported annually are from Eastern Europe originally, mainly Romanians, Albanians and Poles. He then took to Twitter to complain about such things, to very limited support. One of those who did so was the Institute of Economic Affairs representative Kate Andrews, leading the right-wing Grifter Watch UK account to name and shame her.

March 2020: Doesn’t hold meeting with constituents over crime in his area… and then complains at those who bring that up

As previously covered on Politicalite, Lammy flipped out at constituents who complained about the way he was handling crime; not only did he not hold a meeting with them about it for several  about it, but also got angry whenever anyone challenged him on it, leading to someone who attended the meeting to call him ‘unapproachable’.

Here, he held a meeting on the subject matter of crime in the area, admitting that it had decreased in Turnpike Lane, but admitted that overall ‘things have not got better’.

He then admitted he didn’t have a ‘plan’, as MPs didn’t do such things (which isn’t necessarily true, as they can contact the main government departments and gather local information in order to tackle such issues), and claimed that he wasn’t a ‘councillor’.

He then blamed Brexit for the delay, and hit back at criticism against him was ‘not fair’, and tried to divert blame towards both the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Home Secretary Priti Patel, and blamed ‘cuts’.

This is our current Shadow Justice Secretary. Brace yourselves.

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