VIGILANTE VICTORY: Illegal Immigrant snared by Paedophile Hunters turned up to meet 12-year-old girl with condom and a burger

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT Al-Imran-Ali from Manchester spent twelve days swapping messages with a “12-year-old” girl, but the Pakistani immigrant was being hunted by a Vigilante paedophile group when he turned up to meet “12-year-old Nicola” with a condom and a burger from Burger King.

The vigilante paedophile group ‘Silent Justice’, who use fake internet profiles to snare would-be sex offenders and protect Britain’s children when the authorities fail snared Ali and he has now been jailed and faces deportation.

A court heard that 34-year-old Ali, who arrived in the UK eight years ago on a student visa which expired years ago was “the subject of an operation undertaken by a group called Silent Justice.”

“They are a group who track down paedophiles, and those who make communication with young people, or seemingly young people, through social media.”

Ali had started out with a direct message to ‘Nicola’ on a dating website, simply saying ‘Hi’.‘Nicola’ Nicola replied by saying: “Hi, I’m Nicola, 12, from Lancashire.”

Their conversation then moved onto WhatsApp.

“Those conversations for his part became increasingly more sexualised, increasingly more graphic,” the court heard.

Unaware he was actually talking to a 49-year-old woman, Ali asked ‘Nicola’ whether she had a boyfriend and had periods.

Then he began to ask whether they could meet up, and repeatedly asked her for photos of herself.

‘Nicola’ finally agreed to meet Ali – who told her not to wear any underwear – at Salford Quays tram stop.

Ali, of Woodhalt Road, Cheetham Hill, ended up being confronted by members of Silent Justice, live on Facebook in November last year, before being arrested.

The court heard that after being arrested, Ali said he had a condom because he was going to visit a massage parlour, and that he couldn’t remember what was said in the WhatsApp conversation.

He later admitted one count of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.

Defending, Lindsay Orr said it was ‘highly likely’ that Ali would be deported after serving his sentence.

Ms Orr added that the broadcast of Ali being confronted by Silent Justice, which she said was viewed online by 40,000 people, would have ‘repercussions’ when he returned to Pakistan.

Sending Ali down for ten months, Judge Anthony Cross QC said: “Quite obviously you have a sexual interest in young female children, and your actions were clearly sexually motivated.”


POLICE forces across the United Kingdom have distanced themselves from Vigilante Paedophile Hunters but they have the support of the public and Police officers.

Establishment Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick has spoken out against “significant concerns” surrounding the groups and claims they “Obstruct justice.”

There are currently at least 75 vigilante organisations targeting potential sex offenders across the country.

More than 44 percent of 2016 court cases for the crime of meeting a child following sexual grooming used vigilante evidence.

The official Police line goes against the groups for “obstructing justice”, but many Cops we spoke to welcome their actions.

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