LAME DUCK LIMPS ON: May Survives But Only Just As Grassroots Turn Against Her

Theresa May has won the vote of no confidence that was called in her by Tory MP’s today but she has only done so by the narrowest possible of margins. 200 Tory MP’s voted they have confidence in the Prime Minister and 117 voted against her. This is less than Margaret Thatcher won in her first vote of confidence when the Iron Lady won 204 votes in 1990.

She told the meeting of the 1922 Committee that she would not fight the next General Election as the Tory leader and this last minute concession further enfeebles an already fatally weakened Prime Minister although it may be the thing that has saved her Premiership, at least for now. However, an eye-watering 62% of Tory members surveyed by Conservative Home wanted MP’s to vote the opposite way. Jacob Rees-Mogg described the result as “terrible” for the Prime Minister and called for her to resign.

Although she has won the vote and cannot now be challenged for another year, speculation about May’s future will now intensify as her victory is an entirely empty and hollow one. Many similarities exist between this government and the one led by John Major. Major survived a confidence vote in 1995 only to bumble and stumble through the next two years, eventually leading the Tories to a landslide defeat in 1997. Britain’s Prime Minister now enters negotiations with the European Union tomorrow mortally wounded, unable to command a majority in the Commons, out of favour with a vast number of her own MP’s and she has already been told that there will be no renegotiation. The end has surely begun……

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