MAY’S BREXIT BETRAYAL: Angry Tories Take To Twitter To Tear Up Party Cards

IT has happened. Brexiteers who had illusions in this government finally lost them last night.

Mrs May committed the UK last night to a ‘free trade area’ within which the UK will be conspicuously still not free from EU regulation in the form of the ‘common rulebook for all goods’. Also included in the proposals was a commitment to a ‘Facilitated Customs Arrangement’ which would establish the UK and EU as a ‘combined customs territory’.

So, it was BRINO tinto (Brexit In Name Only) being served with the four-course meal and Chequers. The Tory Brexiteers in the Cabinet may be cucked but grassroots members were far from shy in their response. Si Jeff, like many, shredded his Party card, and said a final goodbye:

It wasn’t just members who deserted Theresa Maybes blue army, Conservative voters have had enough too:

Tom Spray was perhaps channelling Guy Fawkes just a little bit:
Many logically are now switching their support to UKIP:
It really is that simple now folks. Both main political parties have abandoned and betrayed Brexit. The only way to ensure that Britain does actually leave the EU is to vote for or join UKIP. If you want to say the ultimate FU to the EU and Treason May then dont delay and join now!

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