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BATTLEGROUND UK: The Front Line In The Culture War Is Here


THE news that free speech warrior trio Count Dankula, Sargon Of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson have joined UKIP is, of course, a massive boost for the Party. It vindicates those who have argued, as I have, that UKIP is the only political Party that takes the fight for free speech seriously however, it also tells us something about the general state of the culture war and where the main fight is.

This is especially true of Paul Joseph Watson’s decision. Infowars has almost exclusively focused on US politics and indeed up until the election of Donald Trump Alex Jones made it quite clear that he viewed the US as the frontline of the cultural war with globalism. However, PJWs decision to actively involve himself in Party politics in the UK surely signifies a slight shift in strategic thinking on that score. Sure, there are still massive battles to be fought in the US but that is clearly not the main theatre of operations anymore.

Brexit presents an opportunity for patriots to land a really brutal blow on the globalist beast coupled with populist risings in Italy, Germany and whole swathes of Eastern Europe. Were the EU to fall it would severely damage the globalist project and not stop it but set it back several decades at least. This is why the forces of globalism, politicians, corporations, fakestream media outlets are piling into Brexit, trying every trick in the book to thwart the will of the British people.

Alex’s full-throated moral and financial backing for Tommy Robinson in his own independent media venture is another indicator that he is changing tack and redeploying patriotic forces to mount a big offensive against the enemy in Britain. Obviously, the disgusting arrest of Tommy has closed that avenue however, the battle continues and it is raging even more intensely now as Tommy’s treatment has ‘red pilled’ people in their thousands the world over in a way the establishment could never have predicted. Islamisation and globalisation walk hand in glove, Islam in its desire for a worldwide Caliphate is the perfect gloss of spiritual paint for naked globalist tyranny. You can see it now in every city, the buses professing the ‘love’ of Allah run in every major city spreading their message of thinly veiled hate with impunity.

As Tommy himself wrote in his latest letter: “The establishment thought they had closed the book instead the public have turned the page to write the next chapter.”

We cannot, we must not let them ever close the book on Brexit because the struggle of the British people is lighting the fire of populist revolt across the continent – if we let this flame die we will potentially lose far more of our freedom and potentially a whole lot more besides.

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