SCUM MEDIA: Mirror Hack Threatens To ATTACK Minister Infront of His KIDS 

A SCUM Mirror reporter threatened to attack Micheal Gove in front of his children in a vile post on social media. 

Andy Dawson who writes for the leftie Daily Mirror and has also written for the Guardian wrote to Sarah Vine, the wife of Micheal Gove amid the fallout from Dominic Cummings lockdown rule break. 

Vine had defended Cummings and attacked the leftie Lead By Donkeys activist group, who had harassed Cummings family outside his home in front of his children after getting his address from Alistair Campbell. 

Vine wrote: “As someone who has been followed and insulted in the street in front of my own children, I would say that this is a classic example of what happens when a Twitter mob spills into real life. Terrifying and disproportionate,”

Sarah Vine reveals her children have been 'scared' by abuse ...

Mirror reporter Andy Dawson hit back: “Hey you, I see your cunt of a Husband is lying through his teeth and all over the TV thins morning.”

“I’d pay hard cash to chase the fucker down the street and boot him in the balls, and DEFINITELY in front of your kids cos they need to know what a rank shithouse their dad is.” 


THE Deep state coup against Boris advisor Dominic Cummings was predicted fifty days ago by former Breitbart editor Raheem Kassam. 

Kassam, who now edits the National Pulse outlet, spoke on his Waroom live show he co-hosts along with former Trump aide Steve Bannon.   

Kassam said: “50 days ago I PREDICTED [with] absence of Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings, UK bureaucrats would try and delay Brexit again.


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