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Davos 2018

BLAIR IN DAVOS: Ex-PM Blair joins Globalist Luvvies in Davos and says Brexit is a “Problem for Britain”

REMOANER-IN-CHEIF Tony Blair has said that the British people will reject Britain’s exit from the EU when they realise that the UK “needs” EU migrants.

Speaking to the globalist propaganda machine, Bloomberg TV at the World Economic Forum event in Davos, Blair rubbished Brexit and said Brexit is a “Problem” for Britain.

When he was asked if he thought Brexit could be blocked via a second referendum, Blair said: “You could have a general election. If we do go through with Brexit – and I hope we don’t – it’s going to be a complete change and we will have to fashion a new future for the country.”

It’s important to emphasise that Brexit is a problem for Britain but it’s a problem for Europe,” he continued, appearing to recognise reasons for the bloc to offer the UK a good trade deal after the divorce.

Adding: “Europe will be diminished. It will be weaker without the strength of the British economy, we’re the largest economy in Europe. And it will be politically weaker.

“This is what people voted for in 2016, but the question is will they hold to that position once they see what the alternative is to the present European Union membership.”

Mr. Blair also said there was an impending “dilemma”, or trade-off, between accessing EU markets and accepting EU regulations and open borders, which would lead people to reject Brexit.

He said: “I think as these negotiations develop and that dilemma becomes clear, then there will be even some people who voted Leave that will say:

“‘Why are we going to leave if actually we now know we need most of the European migrants, we’re going to have to abide by most of the European rules and obviously there is going to be a long-term economic cost of Brexit?’”

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