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RATTY RUTMAN: Priti Patel Ordered Explanation On Rape Gang ‘Cover-Up’ Before Rutman Resignation


HOME Secretary Priti Patel told officials to explain what had happened to the long-awaited review into Grooming Gangs days before disgraced former Home Office boss Phillip Rutman resigned in a ‘deflection PR stunt’. 

Angry Patel was met with total obstruction from Home Office officials when she had asked about the probe and was blocked from finding out details by deep state mandarins (unelected civil servants on mega-bucks salaries) like Ratty Rutman. 

Ratty, who is now the former Home Office chief resigned over the weekend and bitched like the little wimp he is.. and some say it might be to do with the Grooming Gang cover-up. 

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He is now threatening to sue the British Government for ‘constructive dismissal’, though he’s made dozens of calamities that were also covered up, so Ratty has form for burrowing shit in holes. 

He was on a whopping £190,000-A-YEAR  and tried to bring hugely popular Patel down with fake claims of ‘bullying’ and some claim that the reason for the ‘drama’ is the cover-up of the recent grooming scandal. 

The moaning toff who has NEVER been elected by public vote, had a salary bigger than the elected Prime Minister AND Home Secretary. Can you believe that? Can you believe the audacity of this cretin. 

Those siding with groomers and rapists claimed that our Priti, who is fighting tooth and claw to get the grooming report released, asked colleagues at the Home Office: ‘Why is everyone so f***ing useless?’ … and she’s not the only one asking that question… the rest of Britain is too!

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Former Greater Manchester Police officer and Grooming Gang Whistleblower Maggie Oliver took to Twitter and said: “If Priti Patel has ‘bullied’ civil servants to get to the bottom of this secrecy, then all I can say is…..good!” 

Unelected Ratty Rutman who appeared on TV over the weekend in a PR stunt, also threatened to sue the Home Office.

He joined the failing Home Office as permanent secretary in 2017 after previously working at the Department for Transport where he misspent millions of taxpayer cash on bungled projects… yet still got paid.

One former Home Office insider claimed in comments reported by Politico that Philip was also also ‘nowhere to be seen’ during the Windrush immigration scandal.

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‘Then, just like now, he oversaw a culture of politicised leaks and egotistical briefing from the department and has managed to avoid taking any responsibility or face any consequence for the Windrush scandal, instead staying in the role he gets paid more than the prime minister for, and throwing his deputy and others under the bus,’ they said.

Tory London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey also claimed the moaning mandarin needed to step down to ‘restore confidence’ in the Home Office.  

This total attack on Priti Patel is simply because she’s a WOMAN of COLOUR. The pale and stale establishment don’t like the change this strong woman is bringing to the rotten Civil Service.


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