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EXCLUSIVE: Labour’s RMT Union Plans To ‘Take On’ Working-Class DFLA Demo Exposed

ANOTHER Labour-supporting union is planning to ‘disrupt’ a planned Democratic Football Lads Alliance March against the sexual exploitation of young British girls, Politicalite can reveal.

Sources told us that the RMT Union are planning action against the DFLA, paying for coaches to oppose the planned demo on the 13th of October in London.

Yesterday Politicalite revealed that Unite the Union was planning similar action against their own working-class paying members as Karen Raey urged Unite members to “mobilise against the far right”



Yesterday countless Unite union members threatened to cancel their membership over the union siding with Muslim child groomers.

Unite member Kenny said: “I’m a member of unite and I will emailing them my disgust at their tacit support for child groomers and paedophiles.” 

Another added: “I am a member of Unite, unfortunately, but DO NOT support this counter demo. I can only assume that the people, if you can call them that, don’t have kids of their own, or know anyone else that does.”

Both Unite and the RMT union has been accused of “supporting” the abuse of women and children.

Steve Hedley, the former assistant general secretary of the RMT union, who allegedly beat his ex-wife is supporting the plans.

Steve Hedley

A DFLA Source exclusively told Politicalite that Mr Hedley is also a close ally of Paul Sillet who is an activist for Stand Up To Racism.

Sillet tried to intimidate young UKIP activist Reece Coombes at the UKIP Conference last month and said he would “Smash Him” in video posted to social media and allegedly said that he didn’t care about child rape and hoped that right-wing activist Tommy Robinson ‘dies’.

Kipper Central reported that one particularly aggressive activist was filmed telling young UKIP members that he’d “smash” them, that they’d “destroy” Tommy Robinson and even that they “hope he [Robinson] dies.”

He told 17-year-old activist “We’ll smash you! We’ll smash you mate!”

Another left-wing thug told Coombes, 17: “We’ll smash your politically, yeah! If we get a chance, we’ll smash your political movements!”

UKIP leader Gerard Batten hit out at the “extreme bully-boys” outside the conference, arguing they are similar to the Nazis with their “thuggish” approach to politics.

“The so-called ‘mainstream media’ constantly brand people as ‘far-right’ and ‘hard-right’ who are nothing of the kind and yet ignore the real threat to democracy from the far-left,” he told Kipper Central.

The source referred to Mr Hedley’s past comments “I think all the Tories are an absolute disgrace, they should be taken outside and shot” and said “It makes complete sense for Steve Hedley and the RMT to want to stop the demo that also encompasses the highlighting of the pandemic rise in gang-related gun & knife crime.

Another DFLA source exclusively told Politicalite that the planned Demo was about the plight of women and children of all races and beliefs, supporting them and raising awareness of the alarming rise of rape and abuse by perpetrators from all backgrounds.”

“We are supporting the justice for children and women cause, and the demo also focuses on what we’ve been covering all year such as the epidemic of knife and gun crime carried out by gangs in the capital.”

We are also backing Homeless Veterans suffering from PTSD, Justice for the 21 victims of the IRA bomb in Birmingham and fighting against police cuts and the threat of returning jihadists and soon to be released hate preachers.”

“We have an array of speakers on all these subjects on the day.”

Politicalite has contacted Unite and the RMT union for comment.

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