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EXCLUSIVE: French police “did all they could” to cover up Princess Diana crash truth, claims Royal insider  

FRENCH Police “did all they could” to hide the truth about Princess Diana’s crash, a royal insider has claimed. 

With the debut of the Channel 4 documentary Investigating Diana: Death in Paris, there has been a whirlwind of speculation surrounding the motives of the crash, the part that the royal family played in her death, and the intentions of the driver that fateful night.

The lead French investigator into Princess Diana’s death found an assortment of clues at the scene of the car crash in Paris, including a string of tiny pearls that the princess had owned.

Brigade Criminelle chief Martine Monteil was the first eye witness of the remnants of the crash- retelling Channel 4 how she saw broken pieces of the car, clear evidence of braking, and traces of paint left on the vehicle that had seated Diana and her lover, Dodi Fayed.

French detectives reportedly dove straight into the investigation, reconstructing the route that the car had taken and chasing every possible lead. In addition to this, they were also forced to manoeuvre between conveniently unreliable witnesses and fallible memories.

Brigade Criminelle officer Eric Gigou also shared how police took the paparazzi into custody and used their photos to piece together the moments before and after the crash.

‘We reconstructed the route they took,’ he explained. ‘ Tried to discover all the witnesses, people who might have crossed paths with the car, seen motorcycles, seen something.’

‘For us, it’s a race against time that started the moment we were given the case because human memory is volatile, and over time memories fade,’ the Brigade officer explained.

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‘The paparazzi are in custody. From their photos, we could see the last minutes before the accident. We could identify the people around the vehicle in the seconds afterward.’

It was revealed to Politicalite through a royal insider that investigators were forced to block out ‘countless conspiracy theories in the press and online immediately after the crash.

“John Morgan’s articles appeared after the event mainly during the Royal Inquest and his research is the most detailed and complete.”

“It contradicted the paparazzi causing the crash.”

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“Unlawful killing” being the final verdict of the inquest acknowledges this contradiction without going on to point a finger at anyone specifically,” the royal insider reveals.

The source also told Politicalite that blaming the driver with regards to “unlawful killing” is inaccurate, as the final verdict was more general as opposed to pointing fingers at anyone.

A Daily Mail article regarding the new Channel 4 documentary also highlights potential rumours of Diana being pregnant during the crash.

Our royal insider has shocking revelations when it comes to the validity of this claim. 

Politicalite will have more from our source in the second part of this article tomorrow.

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All Episodes of Investigating Diana: Death in Paris are available to stream on All4 in the UK



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