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ANTI-TRUMP Protests Threaten National Security

TODAY, thousands of virtue-signalling, deluded protesters gather in London and other major cities in the UK to protest against President trump.

To dislike a president/a person is completely acceptable, but to mass protest against the president of the United States – our greatest ally, is not only ridiculous, it’s dangerous.

Angry lefties gather outside Trafalgar Square.

For decades, the UK and US have had worked very closely for security and business purposes. We share many of the same values and goals for the western world and our relationship is of paramount importance for the survival of a free, safe and prosperous future.

The insulting Trump Balloon.

The most worrying part of this deluded protest is that Comrade Corbyn, leader of the labour party, and his counterparts Emily thornberry and dizzy Abbott, are also in attendance. Just imagine if these traitors were in power (scary thought); that’d be our national security in immediate danger without America’s support. Liberal Democrats and the greens are also in attendance, proving they do not have our country’s interests in mind.

Then again, who does?

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