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THE DISGUSTING protester filmed screaming ‘Nazi scum’ at an elderly Donald Trump supporter who was doused with a milkshake and attacked has quit her NHS job, just before she was about to be fired.

It comes hours after several petitions calling for Siobhan Prigent’s dismissal attracted more than 10,000 signatures.

The London-based bigot was filmed on Tuesday yelling at the Trump supporter during a demonstration in Parliament Square.

RABID: Siobhan launches into an attack on free speech.

A video of the confrontation, in which a man was surrounded by a circle of screaming activists, before one of them dumped a milkshake over him, went viral on social media.

A woman, identified as Siobhan, was seen screaming and shouting in the man’s face.

 a University College Hospital (UCLH) today confirmed Siobhan had quit her role – which she started a week ago – as she didn’t want the NHS to “suffer any more negative attention.

A spokesman told Mirror Online: “Ms Prigent has today informed us that she will no longer be working at UCLH because she does not want us or the NHS to suffer any more negative attention. She had been at UCLH for a week.

“As an NHS trust, we pride ourselves on treating our patients and colleagues with kindness and compassion in all that we do.”

SURROUNDED: The supporter is circled by the baying mob.

Jason Coleman, who started one of the petitions to get Siobhan sacked, wrote: “She should not be allowed to hold onto her NHS job as this behaviour is not in line with NHS Professional Standards expected by its employees.

“Her apology is totally fake as if this incident hadn’t have been captured on video she would not be making the apologies she has done since and would no doubt do it again.

Speaking after the incident, the victim of the vile attack said: “We have to put forward how aggressive the left can be – it’s not us, you know if they want to call me right wing because I’m supporting Trump then I must be right wing, but I’m not a racist.

“I came out to support Trump, to stop the left who since we voted for Brexit have been protesting against democracy.

LOOK AT THE FACE ON IT: Siobhan Trigent during the abuse.

“This is the democratically elected president of the free world. I just wanted a debate with the sensible left, I didn’t expect any of what happened. I never wanted it to get violent, but I wasn’t going to be intimidated.”

He added that the crowd turned violent when the protesters realised they could not respond to his points – a typical trait of left-wingers. 

BULLIES: Vile anti-Trump campaigners surround the calm Trump fan.

He was also hit by a banner and kicked in the legs in the confrontation.

The Trump fan was reportedly removed from the crowd by police, who were concerned about his safety. Disgracefully, no arrests were made. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Newspaniard

    7 June 2019 at 13:32

    She is now a “victim” because she wished to protect the NHS? I’m sure her Leftie colleagues will compensate her somehow… Maybe a big fat “redundancy” payment.

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