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ANTIFA Planning To Target British WAR VETS

DISRESPECTFUL anti-Trump demonstrators, along with violent lefties Antifa, have vowed to lay siege to a service commemorating dead WW2 soldiers and to Downing Street in a bid to hamper Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain, despite police imposing a ban on marching down Whitehall. 

Tens of thousands of unwashed protestors are set to descend on central London on Tuesday to voice their opposition to the US President as he meets outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May – including a planned vile invasion of a commemoration ceremony due to be attended by WAR VETS and Trump to honour victims of WW2. 

The intolerant left hit the streets to protest Trump’s visit.

The Metropolitan Police said it would prevent the demonstrators marching past Downing Street from Trafalgar Square and into Parliament Square, but haven’t stated that they will stop the disgraceful protest at the war ceremony.

Activists have pledged to hold a ‘Carnival of Resistance’ to disrupt the president’s visit.

Lindsey German, of the Stop the War Coalition, one of the groups backing the protest, said: “We are determined to get as close to Downing Street as possible. The Prime Minister has just resigned and invited over a racist, sexist warmonger. If the Tories think that’s a good idea then they better think again.”

Anti-Trump demonstration at Trafalgar Square, 2018.

Senior officers want to avoid the prospect of climate change activists and other militants staging blockades and sit-down protests outside the gates of Downing St, in a repeat of the scenes which brought chaos to parts of central London last month. Police were criticised for not clamping down on the Extinction Rebellion protests and are keen not to be caught out again.

Up to 10,000 police officers will be drafted into London as part of a £25m security operation during the state visit, with hundreds of officers lining the route of the protests and hundreds more trained in riot control stationed in side streets.

War vets salute the fallen.

Organisors of the protests have urged those taking part to make their opposition to Mr Trump’s policies, from migration to climate change and abortion rights, heard.

The Stop Trump umbrella group said: “The Carnival of Resistance will be going on yards from the building where Trump is meeting with members of our chaotic government, disrupting his visit and getting our message across loud and clear – Trump and his politics aren’t welcome in the UK.”

The group has the backing dozens of MPS and trade union leaders, including former Labour leader Ed Miliband; former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and Green MP Caroline Lucas, along with Paloma Faith, the singer, writer Caitlin Moran; Meera Syal, the actor and screenwriter, and comic Frankie Boyle.

But police fear more militant elements may try to hijack the protest in an attempt to bring parts of central London around Whitehall and Westminster to a standstill on what is a working day.

More than 1,100 people were arrested and charged when climate change protestors blockaded key arteries and landmarks in the capital, including Waterloo Bridge, the Stock Exchange, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, over a 10 day period in April.

Demonstrators are expected to travel to London from all over the country to join Tuesday’s protest, with coaches going from Swansea, Newcastle, York, Manchester, Leeds, Matlock, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Birmingham, West Bromwich, Coventry, Sheffield, Oxford and Norwich.

Many war veterans are expected to be at the event.

When Mr Trump travelled to Britain last year he avoided London, where an estimated 250,000 people marched against him.

Scotland Yard said it had a duty to balance the right to lawful protest with the need for public order and safety.

A spokesman said: “A very experienced command team is preparing the multi-faceted policing and security operation for the President’s visit, and whilst the Met has a responsibility to ensure the right to lawful protest, this needs to be balanced with the complex requirements of this policing plan.”

As part of the state visit The Queen will give a State Banquet for the President at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening – with protestors expected to gather outside the palace gates.

Anti-Trump activists are also planning to protest in Portsmouth against the President’s appearance at the D-Day commemoration ceremonies on Wednesday.

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