Boris Johnson

BREAKING: Trump To Meet ‘friends’ Farage And Bozza During State Visit

ON HIS last visit, he hailed Bozza, who had just resigned a foreign secretary as a future prime minister, a day before he was due to have bilateral talks with Theresa May. Today, hugely popular Trump has told the press that he is considering meeting Boris and Farage to talk about Brexit.

Trump described Johnson as “a very talented guy” for whom he had “a lot of respect”. He claimed he was not trying to pit Johnson against his host, but added: “I am just saying I think he would be a great prime minister. I think he’s got what it takes.”

At the time he added Johnson “obviously likes me, and says very good things about me. I was very saddened to see he was leaving government and I hope he goes back in at some point. I think he is a great representative for your country.”

Farage supported Trump during his successful Presidential campaign.

Last year a leaked recording of Johnson revealed that the former foreign secretary was “increasingly admiring of Donald Trump”. The Conservative MP said that Trump would negotiate Brexit “bloody hard”, adding: “There’d be all sorts of breakdowns, all sorts of chaos. Everyone would think he’d gone mad. But actually you might get somewhere. It’s a very, very good thought.”

At an awkward press conference at Chequers, Trump still insisted Johnson would make a good prime minister, as Theresa May stood beside him stony-faced.

I said he’ll be a great prime minister. He’s been very nice to me, he’s been saying very good things about me as president,” he said.

BEST PALS: Boris and Donald.

Donald Trump has said he might meet with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson during his trip to the UK next week.

Well I may,” Trump said when asked about a potential summit.

Nigel Farage is a friend of mine, Boris is a friend of mine. They’re two very good guys, very interesting people. Nigel’s had a big victory, he’s picked up 32% of the vote, starting from nothing and I think they’re big powers over there I think they’ve done a good job.”

GOING UP: Trump and Farage following his election as President.

Trump was giving a typically freewheeling press conference after arriving back in Washington DC from his trip to Japan. It was hard to hear reporters’s questions over the sound of the presidential helicopter, but someone appeared to ask Trump if he was thinking about supporting either Farage or Johnson.

I like them, they’re friends of mine” the President said. “but I haven’t thought about supporting them. Maybe it’s not my business to support people but I have a lot of respect for both of those men.”

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