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FRONT OF THE LINE: Trump Promises Trade Deal & Welcomes “FULLY INDEPENDENT Britain”

DONALD TRUMP has provided the UK with a huge Brexit boost as his security advisor says the President is looking forward to trading with a “fully independent Britain” outside of the European Union, and wants to agree a trade deal as soon as possible.

John Bolton, Trump’s close advisor, said the US president is a true supporter of Brexit, and hoped to do a trade deal with the UK soon.

Bolton said: “President Trump has made it clear that he looks forward to a day the US and the UK can negotiate a bilateral agreement that will be beneficial to both countries and see the will of the people carried out.”

Inspecting the Queen’s Guard during his last State visit.

“It’ll be up to the Conservatives to pick a new leader then to see what happens in the negotiation process.”

Yesterday, Trump commended both Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, the latter of whom is the front-runner to be the next Conservative leader.

Responding to whether or not Mr Trump should have dealings with Brexit Party leaders during a delicate political time in the UK, Mr Bolton said: “The president will do what the president wants.”

BREXIT BUDDIES: Trump and Farage.

“The president has relationships with both of those men, [Johnson and Farage] as he does with many people here, from his business interests.”

“He has been a strong supporter of Brexit and I think he does look forward to negotiating with a fully independent Britain outside the European Union.”

President Trump arrives in the UK on Monday for a state visit, completing what will be his last dealings with remainer May while she is head of the Conservatives.

The Prime Minister and the US leader have had a fractured relationship since he became president, marred by his spot-on comments that he didn’t understand how the Brexit negotiations had “gone so badly”.

Trump and May’s relationship was strained to say the least.

Mr Bolton said: “The US-UK relationship is the most important bilateral relationship we have.

He also said that future trade deals between the US and the UK have “big implications for Britain to gain” as well as America.”

“The two economies are very much in sync” he added, “I could imagine Britain and Canada doing a three-way deal”.

“Britain is a global economic power and political power and we look forward to a strong relationship.”

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