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HUGE MISTAKE: Farage Warns Democrats Over Second Impeachment

Nigel Farage, the leader of Reform UK, has used his latest video to warn the US Democrat Party that they are making a “huge mistake” by proceeding with the second impeachment of US President Donald Trump. 

He said that the air is “thick with hypocrisy” as the Democrats spent four years delegitimising Trump’s Presidency and “turning a blind eye” to or “openly encouraging” political violence by Black Lives Matter/Antifa. Furthermore, he said “martyring” Trump and proving they intended to be “vindictive” would promote further division in a country that needs to heal.

Farage reaffirmed the fact that he did not regret supporting Trump but rather than back the President’s allegations of electoral fraud commented that such a thing was always going to be different to prove and they more pointed to the need for the availability of absentee ballots to be tightly restricted. He said that if the Democrats continue down this path they will further alienate the “10s of millions” of Americans that Trump speak for but said he “deeply regretted” the way his Presidency was ending but pointed instead to the President’s efforts to make peace in the Middle East, reduce America’s involvement in foreign wars and, pre-Covid, a strong economic legacy.

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