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TRUMP Wrestles Trade Deal In Japan

A ROUND of golf, double hamburgers for lunch, ringside seats at a sumo wrestling “basho”, and a sizzling BBQ. Those were the awesome components yesterday of Trump’s latest trip to Japan and of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s latest bid to become President Donald Trump’s best global friend.

The American President relished presenting the gleaming President’s Cup trophy topped with a spread-winged eagle, which he said he purchased himself, at a sumo wresting tournament in Tokyo. He was seated on a small chair during several bouts, watching with interest as the loin-clothed wrestlers brawled.

Trump and Ivana watch the ancient sport.

Donald Trump – now the first President EVER to watch a live sumo match -presented the trophy to the winner of a sumo tournament, turning to personal diplomacy for the second day of a Japan visit shadowed by tough trade talk. But it was all smiles as the two leaders watched giant sumo wrestlers grapple on the final day of a 15-day tournament won by rising star Asanoyama. Trump waved to the audience as he entered the hallowed Kokugikan arena and then saluted them with applause as they waved and raised their phones to take photos. 

NEW PALS: The leaders talk trade over lunch.

The presentation of the “President’s Cup” before a sellout crowd at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan stadium – the ancient sport’s spiritual home in Tokyo – is one of several gestures Abe hopes will put Trump in a conciliatory mood before they hold potentially difficult talks on trade and the increasing threat posed by North Korea today.


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