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BORDER FARCE: Millionaire EastEnders Star Attacks Nigel Farage over Dover Crisis

A MILLIONAIRE ex-EastEnderss star slammed Nigel Farage for highlighting the Dover migrant crisis that will put even more pressure on hard up working-class Brits.

Dover was once again swamped by hundreds of illegal migrants who crossed the English channel from France in another record-breaking day. 

Border Force vessels rescued boats and dingies which had some women and children on board, despite the dangerous route to Britain. 

Coaches Lined Up Ready To Take Migrants To Hotels

They were handed cash and food at the expense of the British tax-payer and chauffered to four-star hotels across the South of England.

Former EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite also joined the migrant debate slamming Nigel Farage and claiming Refugees are welcome in the UK. 

The actress wrote: “See when I look at this Nige I do not see an “invasion” … I see a dingy with mainly young kids in and my first thought is “yes, they are alive “

She faced a massive backlash with some social media users citing that migrants are placed in already highly populated working-class areas putting strains on local services like the NHS and Housing. 

Inside Eastenders star Tamzin Outhwaite's idyllic Cotswolds ...

Inside Eastenders star Tamzin Outhwaite’s Million Pound Cotswolds Home

Raheem Kassam hit back: “That’s because your name is Tamzin and you live in a several million pound house in North London. You know you’ll rarely have to deal with the very real impact of mass, illegal migration. Check your privilege, lass.”

Another wrote: “I wonder how you will feel when your kids are young adults and go out on their own, how many times have I read that young girls are frightened to go out in their own towns because of gangs of immigrants hanging around harassing them.”

Zarah Sultana MP hit back at working-class voters concerned with the summer wave of Migrants claiming that “Attacks on the working class come from those who travel by private jet, not migrant dinghy.” despite high-profile terror attacks in the UK by Libyan migrants. 

Controversial new Labour MP Zarah Sultana embroiled in yet another ...


The Home Office plans to send in the Navy to assist stretched Border Force agents.

“The final straw was this record number, which led the Home Secretary to demand this new initiative. The real solution must come from the French – we want the French to take them back.” said on Tory source.

“She has instructed her officials to speak to the Ministry of Defence about how we can proceed. She has also requested a discussion with the French interior minister, Gerald Darmanin.”

Priti also took to Twitter writing: “There are legislative, legal & operational barriers to stopping small boats.”

“System to return people not fit for purpose & once boats reach UK waters we’re duty bound to help.”

“Route is incredibly dangerous & we’re doing all we can to make it unviable.”

Independent working-class reporter Steve Laws was again at the Port of Dover and told Politicalite that he saw hundreds of migrants reach the port ferried by Border Force agents. 

At one point Steve was harassed by Immigration Police who tried to stop him reporting on the shocking scenes. Steve said: “These coaches are never ending.”

Mr Laws, 29 from Kent added: “A Police officer removed me from a public car park that’s private and tried to stop me filming.” “He knew he was wrong but I didn’t want to get arrested.”

“I was acting lawfully and had my partner recording me to make sure I had evidence.” added Steve. 

The migrants who claim to be ‘in dire economic need’ pay up to £7,500 to people smugglers to cross the channel. 

French authorities have been accused of helping the migrants reach Britain. 

One Border Force agent said: “We often see French vessels escort-ing migrant boats as far as English waters.” 

“They stick close to make sure other vessels are aware, but they allow them to continue to the British side for our Border Force to pick up.”

Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage who has been exposing the crisis in Dover for months tweeted:”Another chaotic day in the English Channel, 130 illegal migrants into Dover already.”

Former Labour MP, now member of the House of Lords Kate Hoey demanded action from the Home Secretary. 

“This cannot be allowed to carry on until the end of the transition period” Hoey said on Twitter. 

In January 2020 the Home Office blasted the French and vowed to crack down on the boat crossings. 

Politicalite contacted Tamzin Outhwaite for comment but has not yet received a reply. 

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