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EXCLUSIVE: Police Seized Working-Class Reporters Equipment After He EXPOSED Migrant Crisis

STEVE Laws has been reporting on the Dover illegal migrant crisis for months. He’s not a politician wanting to stay relevant, or a member of the mainstream media. He’s a working-class lad that wanted to show the world what was going on in his local area.

Since he began filming the migrant landings in Dover, England in Summer 2020, he has been harassed by Kent Police for reporting on a scandal that has angered the nation, yet instead of helping Border Force to secure the border and convicting illegal invaders, our tax-payer funded Police force in Kent has been harassing a British citizen.

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Speaking exclusively to Politicalite he explained why he got started in the citizen journalism crowd. He said: “I started because people didn’t believe me that the boat crossings were happening, so I went to Dover and captured evidence of the coaches being loaded with illegals and since then ive just continued to do it until the nation is fully aware.”

We saw the potential in Steve after seeing his videos on social media and have been sharing his video reports and pictures within our content for the past month, and On Friday night, ahead of a planned demonstration in Dover against migration Laws, 29 was arrested by Kent Police and held in a cell for SIXTEEN hours after he took an abandoned boat used by migrants out to sea to report on the ongoing crisis after being given the green light by Border officials.

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Steve defended his actions telling us “I was arrested for suspicion of theft on a dinghy which was salvaged by somebody, I requested a ride and now have been arrested for it.”

“It was all legal and salvaged under maritime law.”

During his arrest, Steve was held for over sixteen hours, but whilst he was inside the Kent Police cell, his story was being shared across the world, with Republican Congressman Paul Gosar in the United States sharing Steve’s ordeal in which he branded the arrest “very soviet of the UK”.

The young father turned citizen journalist revealed to Politicalite that Police refused to allow him to call his partner so she could pick up his young children from School.

“The police didn’t treat me well” said Steve. “They were very aggressive, and they didn’t let me call my partner to explain that I needed her to pick up the children.”

“They kept me under arrest for 16 hours and thfar-rightent in a ‘far right liaison officer’ to try and pin the blame for Saturday’s protest on me. I told them “I don’t know of any protests, sorry”.


Kent Police also seized Steve’s camera equipment, to stop him exposing the Migrant Crisis in Dover.

He said he was “absolutely furious” and said he needed them to keep doing what he’s doing.

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“It is clear as day a direct attempt at silencing me.” said Steve.

“The police want to silence me because I’m spreading a message that doesn’t fit the narrative.”

“I’m a White working-class, and they have no support in this nation, we are being pushed to the bottom.” Steve said.

“It wont work, I’m in this for the long haul until this problem has stopped.”

Credit: Platform

Steve has received a huge amount of support and is now regularly recognised in Dover when filiming the protests.

He said it was “really overwhelmed” at some of the support he has received”

“Many like yourself have supported me from day one and I really couldn’t do half of what I do without the generous support from many people.”

“It’s a strange feeling having people recognise me, I’m just a normal bloke with kids who wants the best for there future.”

Steve was back in Dover on Monday morning, undeterred by Kent Police.



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