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EXCLUSIVE: Tories FAILING to Protect UK Border as 6,000 Illegals Enter UK This YEAR… Yesterday, Our Man In Dover Saw 52 Arrive Before Noon



DESPITE the Tories’ promise to deport every illegal migrant that enters our shore in the previous general election, 6100 have crossed the English Channel onto our shores since January, making this one of the largest invasions of illegal migrants on record. 

Yesterday alone, our man in Dover Steve Laws recorded a staggering 52 migrants before noon. Politicalite photographer Steve told us: “I’ve seen 52 So far, I’ve gone for lunch could be more by now.”

The overwhelming scale of this invasion is only matched by the underwhelming response from our government to tackle this. Despite pledging to inject our borders’ defences with £20 million to reduce illegal immigration, we have seen the largest influx of said peoples onto our shores under the Conservative Party ministry.

Though in power for 10 years and persistently maintaining a strong stance against illegal immigration, the numbers do not appear to represent government policy in the slightest.


Illegal immigration has continued to rise and is reaching its’ epoch as of recent, despite Boris’ government vowing to take a much tougher stance on illegal crossings, a policy that was favoured amongst the population in the last election.

Many have expressed their concern, such as Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who has been the outspoken reporter on this invasion. 

It is an invasion and the government is doing nothing”, tweeted Farage after Friday’s 319 illegals landed in a single day. 

Unrest is rife among those who lent their votes to the Conservatives in 2019, as many lifelong Labour voters placed their trust in Boris Johnson and his party to deliver on their promises to keep the borders secure.

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Unfortunately, with the constant successful landing of the dinghies and the apparent lack of deportation, the invasion is only set to increase, as the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee admitted, stating that “Awareness of the cross-channel route has clearly become a big factor”.


Regardless of the circumstances, it is evident to most that the government has failed to listen to the people, and has betrayed their vote. A recent poll posted on Migration Watch, a British independent body, showed that 74% of the public believe the government has failed to handle the crisis.

The abuse of the asylum system appears to be the main methods in which the migrants are able to stay, as up to 98% of migrants are claiming asylum, despite 81% of applications being unfounded as they came from France, a safe country.

With the crisis showing no signs of slowing, discontent amongst people at the government’s failure to control the borders will only increase, and the Tories’ chances of re-election wither away. 



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