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THUG FORCE: Dover MP Praised Kent Police Who Put British Veteran in Hospital – WATCH THE SHOCK FOOTAGE 

A TORY MP praised Kent Police’s response to a protest against illegal migration in Dover on Saturday, that ended up with the forces thugs putting a British Army veteran in hospital. 

Tory MP for Dover, Natalie Elphicke tweeted her praise for the force of thugs who have been accused of hospitalising a British Veteran turned activist. 

Tory MP wants fireworks display visible from France and 'We love the UK' banner on White Cliffs of Dover for Brexit day | The Independent | Independent

The MP did not comment on the police brutality, despite the horrific attack on an innocent British war veteran who fought for his country that was shared across social media and went viral. 


The activist who goes by the name of ‘Little Veteran’ on social media regularly posts videos from rallies across the UK.

Elphicke tweeted her thanks to Kent Police writing on : “My thanks to Gold Commander Ch Sup Nigel Brookes […] for his diligent planning and effective delivery of an extensive policing operation.”

“I was pleased to join Cllr Nigel Collor and leader Cllr Trevor Bartlett in the @DoverDC operation control room today.” 

The Little Veteran was forced to go to the hospital Monday complaining of “horrific” injuries after the assault that was caught on video and angered the nation. 

He posted a video on his YouTube where he said “I’ve just had a CT scan on my head my neck and my shoulders.” 

“I came back last night, been in absolute agony all night” 

“Woke up this morning, I could hardly move so I got a taxi into the hospital and this is how I am now” 

“Head scan done, neck scan done and CT scans done and my back down to my waist” 

Little Vet also threatened to take legal action against Kent Police saying that “he would need the best solicitor”. 

He added that he was “in agony” but told his fans that he “would be back soon”. 

He was attacked by Kent Police on Saturday simply for filming the events live to his YouTube channel.

An Eyewitness told Politicalite at the weekend that he was “handcuffed, arrested and detained.” by Kent Police.

Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubeny said: “I’m feeling pretty choked right now What kind of country takes the knee to #BlackLivesMatter – a ragbag of anti-British revolutionaries who want to actively abolish the police – then puts the boot into its veterans, who fought for their flag?”

Politicalite contacted representatives for Natalie Elphicke but did not receive a reply at the time of publication.  

Last week the force arrested one of Politicalite’s journalists for taking a migrant boat out to sea that was given the green light by an immigration official.

Steve, 29 was arrested in Dover by Kent Police ahead of the planned protest against illegal immigration.

US Congressman Paul Gosar branded the arrest “Very Soviet of the UK” and shared the situation on his Twitter feed.

A fellow citizen journalist, Active Patriot – who was also questioned by Police for more information earlier this week told Politicalite: “Steve has been arrested at Dover”



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