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COKE BRITTANIA: Cocaine now Britain’s second most used drug and it’s stronger than ever before

COCAINE is now Britain’s second most used recreational drug according to report and it’s purer than ever before.

A report by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) said the drug is no longer the preserve of “wealthy bankers and celebrities”

Experts say that more middle class and working class people are using the powerful drug on the weekends and seemingly leading normal lives during the week.

Although the use of powdered cocaine has fallen slightly from a 2008 peak, it is becoming more common in middle-class areas, the report said.

Cocaine is being taken by all kinds people living in the suburbs as well as the wealthy elite, and has also spread down the social spectrum to working-class towns.

“These observations suggest that an increasingly wide social spectrum is involved in cocaine powder use,” the report said.

Sources have also told Politicalite that the drug is getting more potent.

This is backed up by data from the Global Drug Survey (GDS), the largest poll of its kind in the world.

Analysis of cocaine sold in Britain has found the drug to be adulterated with more than 50 different “cutting agents”.

Dealers add other types of powder to the cocaine to boost profits, and the ACMD said they included benzocaine, phenacetin, a painkiller which has been removed from medical use in this country because it is carcinogenic and can damage the kidneys.

Other cutting agents include levamisole, which is used by vets to deworm sheep.

Professor Les Iversen, the ACMD chairman, said: “Consumption of powdered cocaine has changed radically over the last two decades.

“Once characterised as the preserve of wealthy bankers and celebrities, the research highlighted in this report shows a cheaper, low-purity version of the drug has permeated society far more widely.”

In 2013-14, about 743,000 people in England and Wales said they had taken cocaine in the last 12 months, making it the second most popular illegal drug.

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