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COKE CORONA: Brits ‘Panic Buying’ COKE and CANNABIS Amid Lockdown, Say Drug Bosses

BRITAIN may be in Lockdown – but it’s not stopped thousands of Brits from stockpiling Cocaine and Cannabis. 

Last week Politicalite revealed that the UK underground drug market was gearing up for the ‘Coronavirus Effect’ that is set to hit supply lines, prices and the way in which the underground market operates.

Now we can reveal that Brits have been buying illegal substances more than ever – with many dealers reporting that sales have ‘gone through the roof’ for Cannabis – and Cocaine.

“Weed sales are the highest, seconded by Charlie” said one dealer. 

Prices have also remained the same for Cocaine- with most dealers and suppliers ordering bans on ‘credit sales’ or ‘tick’ insisting on cash only deals given the dire economic situation and they are cutting the drug even more to make it go further. 

Supply lines for imported drugs such as Cocaine and high-quality imported Cannabis could ground to a halt as flights are cancelled and travel restricted. 

Europe’s border lockdown is also hitting Britain’s cannabis imports. 

One supplier spoke Politicalite last week on a condition of anonymity and revealed dealers and suppliers were already planning how to deal with travel restrictions and a potential UK lockdown. 

Britain is Europe’s cocaine capital – and many are worried about the effect Coronavirus will have on the underground drug trade. 

In Britain, the drug can be delivered quicker than UberEats and can arrive faster than an Ambulance. 

A Cannabis trader in London told Politicalite: “Most is imported from Amsterdam, Spain and California” 

“Without the flights Britain only has home grown Cannabis and that’s a lower quality compared to imported stuff.” 


On Cocaine the source said: “I could see it having a similar effect, prices will shoot up, as most is imported.”

“If this Coronavirus effect lasts longer than a month with the flights, prices will definitely go up and it could all vanish all together.” 

“When we go into proper isolation when you’re only supposed to go for food etc the most cars on the streets could be dealers dropping off.” 

“Many dealers are buying up supplies to get ready for a dip in supplies.” 

In the UK the cocaine trade is big business with almost 80% of drug users using either the Class B drug cannabis while 70% use Cocaine. 

Researchers at substance abuse charity Addaction to Sky News in 2019 that say the UK has a secret cocaine addiction and the drug is being used “everywhere” in the UK.

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