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A Note To Millennials: You Are Not “Strong” And “Woke”. You Are Weak And Asleep

You can’t claim to be “woke” and strong if the most pedestrian occurrence can make you get triggered.

Young people throughout history have fought and died for what they thought were noble causes. Women, real feminists, got voting rights and place in the workforce. Racial minorities fought to be equal in the eyes of the law.

And then we have you, the 2017 millennials fighting for safe spaces from your intellectual opposition, and the crack-down of free speech for those who don’t share your ideas. While others fought for freedom and equality, you fight for echo chambers and fascistic principles.

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You represent above all, irony, by hailing the Che Guevara using T-shirts with markups of over 100% produced by capitalist companies, and by creating a group that claims to oppose fascism by beating to a pulp anyone who dares speak up against their principals, therein acting like fascists themselves.

While our ancestors fought against racism, claiming no man or woman should ever be judged by the colour of their skin, you have defended character attacks on white people, sometimes even creating segregated areas where they are not allowed access.

While thousands of young men and women died fighting Nazis to stop the Adolf Hitler’s conquest of territory and targeted genocide, you label any ideological opponent a Nazi and take it upon yourself to inflict violence upon them, and mercilessly harass them online and in real life.

I know that not every millennial is responsible for causing this harm, and to the young people who stay true and upright, I salute you. I salute you for respecting people’s right to free speech, and I salute you for your ability to engage in open and honest dialogue.

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To the other millennials, who think they are the first and last word when it comes to morality, who think they are qualified to label opinions as hate-speech and use violence to shut it down, and who think that this makes them strong and woke. Wake up. You are weak and asleep.

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