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ANTIFA storm Columbia University in attempt to stop Tommy Robinson speaking, then demand Free Speech

LOONY PROTESTERS attempted to block entrances to Columbia University, New York on Tuesday night before storming inside to cause major disruptions and attempt to stop a speech by Tommy Robinson.

The groups attempt to stop Tommy Robinson from speaking to students proves that they are the real fascists – they had the audacity to call for free speech when they are the only voices we hear.

According to a Facebook page for the protest, the “anti-fascist” rally was to show “alt-right speakers” were “not welcome on our campus.” going against everything they are against.

“As students and community members, we are disappointed in our campus Young Republicans for choosing to aid the trend violent provocation over intellectual discourse,” the description for the protest states. “Far-right extremism has relied upon Young Republican chapters at universities for audiences, promotion, and credibility.”

A video obtained by Campus Reform shows protesters attempted to block entrances to the building to prevent students from attending.

“When Colin Kaepernick is out of a job, when the president of the United States calls Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization, where is our free speech?” one protester shouted through a megaphone before thanking those that showed up to “f***ing propose an alternative to this bulls**t, to say no, and to fight back.”

Tommy Robinson, who is known for his criticism of mass Islamic migration into the UK and anti-Islam stances, had to delay his appearance via Skype due to the protesters and tuned in late for the event.

Tommy did finally appear, and protesters shouted over him to prevent him from speaking and later stormed the stage.

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The familiar chant of “whose campus? Our campus!” was shouted by the protesters at the Ivy League school as Robinson waited to speak. He never had the chance to deliver his planned speech but did field questions from protesters throughout the evening.

More than 100 protesters were unable to enter the building as they did not purchase tickets, however, they made themselves heard by banging on the walls of the auditorium.

The majority of administrators in attendance stood silently by and watched, save for one administrator attempting to calm the protesters and dissuade them from storming the stage. His efforts were fruitless.

“I’m very depressed with how the event went. I realize free speech is dead,” Ari Boosalis, the College Republicans President, told Campus Reform. “People were disrespectful, they were flipping off, they were not willing to have a conversation, all they wanted to do was yell ‘white supremacy!’ and call me a white supremacist. The protesters never wanted to be challenged.”

“What we saw tonight was despicable,” Boosalis continued. “This was not free speech, they didn’t allow him to talk for the first 15 minutes. Even then, they were rude, they were flipping him off, they didn’t want to have a conversation.”

“Columbia failed. The Columbia administration failed,” he concluded.

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