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DEAD ROAR: Pro-Labour blog ATTACKS Jacob Rees-Mogg, Politicalite for being members of Free Speech supporting Facebook group

A FAILING pro-Labour blog has attacked Jacob Rees-Mogg and working-class editor of Politicalite, Jordan James for being members of a pro-Tory Facebook group that has so-called “Islamophobic” content.

The Red Roar, a small-scale blog liked by just 250 people on Facebook (Politicalite has 11,000 and a reach of 4.2m) attempted to smear the mighty right and accused members of the “Conservative Debating Forum Monday Club” of being far-right Islamophobes and white sheet wearing members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The article said: “Jacob Rees-Mogg, the senior Tory MP and bookies’ favourite to be next Prime Minister, was listed as a member of the Conservative Debating Forum Monday Club, an exclusive Facebook group harbouring more Islamophobic, homophobic and racist content.

Islamophobia is common in the group. On Sajid Javid’s promotion to Home Secretary, one member used an image to compare him to hate preacher Abu Hamza and asked “do we really want a Muslim in charge of intelligence, policing and immigration?”

Another poster links “predominantly Muslim areas” to “unemployment” and “wilful neglect”. Islam also a favourite target of Gregory Lauder-Frost, who railed against “Islamic barbarism” in one post, and in another about Austrian plans to close mosques said, “hope they demolish them as well”.

Members are also fond of calling for the deportation of ethnic minorities, with regular poster Adam Poulton suggesting “can we please stop deporting Caribbean people and start deporting a more troublesome group?” to which Gregory Lauder-Frost replies “why not deport them all?” and another “we haven’t deported [Diane] Abbott or [David] Lammy yet”. Lauder-Frost also refers to Windrush migrants as “negroes … unwanted and uninvited” and to migrants as “sub-Saharan aliens”.

The Tory Monday Club promises to allow members to express views “no matter how un-politically correct”. The group takes its name from the Conservative Monday Club, a far-right Tory pressure group once courted by Enoch Powell that was banned by the party in 2001 over its policy of voluntary repatriation of ethnic minorities.

Yes, I’m a member of the group and I won’t be cucking out releasing a statement saying “I was unaware and have left.” I won’t be leaving, I’m a proud member of the group and it’s my personal choice to be a member – but that doesn’t mean I share or endorse the same views of everyone in the group.

I simply believe in free speech and look to Evelyn Beatrice Hall who defended a persons right to say what they want to say in the 1800s; “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

The Dead Roar said I was the editor of a “Far-Right” blog. For starters, I’m a mixed race man and my grandparents came to Britain from Jamaica as part of the Windrush generation. Secondly, I’m a raging homosexual who’s had more lovers than Katie Price. Now, I’m not sure the far-right like ethnic minorities and gays The Red Roar but whatever floats your Muslim fucked goat.


They attempted to smear us for choosing to be a part of a Facebook group in the same way the British state has suspended firemen and prison guards for supporting Tommy Robinson.

The Labour blog read by weak soy boys who need some full-fat milk smeared a black working-class guy who fights for the views of the working classes to be heard instead of ignoring them and branding them all far-right loons. Maybe, just maybe if The Dead Roar did the same, they would have more of a following and Labour wouldn’t have lost the working mans vote.




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