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DEFENDING COP KILLERS: Labour Group Defend PC Harper Killers

A LOONY Labour group defended the killers of PC Andrew Harper claiming the press was being ‘racist’ towards members of the Travelling community after being outraged at coverage of a pair of laughing thugs.

The Labour group ‘LabourGRT’ that claims supports Gypsy and Travelling Community took to Twitter to ‘defend’ the vile killers who showed no remorse for killing brave PC Harper.

What is the PC Andrew Harper petition and how many people have ...

Travellers Henry Long, 19, Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, caused outrage in the UK last week after shamelessly laughing and pretending to ‘snooze’ before being convicted of manslaughter at the Old Bailey.

Albert Bowers smiles as he arrives at court

The trio smiled as the court heard how a witness mistook the officer’s body for a “deer carcass” being pulled behind the getaway car reported The Sun.

Jessie Cole arrives at court for the trial

The group wrote: “PC Harper and his families loss is both horrible and tragic. Those that did it got sentenced. At the same time they did not intend to murder PC harper hence manslaughter. At the same time it is not ok to use this to attack a whole community. This isn’t hard.”

Instead of calling out the vile criminals giving Travellers a bad name, the group attacked the press for being angry at a pair of killers who showed no remorse for their sick actions.

Maybe they should be offering support to PC Hapers widow and children, rather than defending cop killers.

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