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DOPEY DIANE: Terrorist sympathisers have a RIGHT to ‘Freedom of Speech’



DOPEY Diane Abbott has called for ISIS supporters to have a right to Freedom of Speech.

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary voiced concerns in the Commons today over threats to freedom of speech by a lack of clarity in the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill.

Abbott said: “On the question of expressing an opinion, the Home Office said in its notes on the Bill that it is not making it an unlawful act to hold a private view in support of a terrorist organisation.”

“The Home Office also says that operational experience has shown there is a gap around individuals who make statements expressing their own support for terrorist organisations but who stop short of expressly inviting others to do so.”


“The Home Secretary will expect we will press this point in committee because we would say the gap between having a personal opinion and inciting other unlawful acts is not an anomaly, it is an important principle in protecting freedom of speech.”

“We’re in danger in this legislation of confusing bad thoughts with bad deeds, but we hope to clarify this issue as the Bill goes through the House.”

What do you make of her comments? Should terrorist sympathisers have a right to free speech? Comment below.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Margaret Robinson

    13 June 2018 at 16:38

    So she is saying that terrorist should have freedon of speech not only to express their thought verbally but also on social media, somehow stopping short of recruitment and i suppose incitememt to hate or violence. In the meantime she instructs the government to clamdown on islamophopia or critism of islam. We recieve posts on social media warning us to think before writing or saying anything as words can result in arrest. Hmmmm How does that work. Allow people to speak and share their antisemitism and hatred of infidels whlie all platforms of anti terrorism, pro british must remain silent. That is a debate i would love to see. No doubt corbyn will back her up.

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