DOUBLING DOWN: Leftie Activist Who Celebrated ‘Arson Attack’ on Tommy Brands Critics ‘Racist’ 

A LEFTIE Activist who celebrated the news that Tommy Robinson had been forced to flee the UK following an arson attack on his family home has claimed that Politicalite ‘incited racial hate’ for reporting on her shocking endorsement of violence against political figures. 

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, a leftie political and women’s rights activist said that it was ‘payback’ for the controversial right-wing activist ‘inciting hate’ against those who sought refuge in the UK, despite Mr Robinson only campaigning against Muslim grooming gangs raping British girls. 

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu - ETK

Shola however was unhappy with Politicalite‘s coverage of her tweet supporting violence.

She took to Twitter to attack Politicalite writing: “This headline is a deliberate lie to incite racist attacks @politicalite.”

“Calling out #farright Tommy Robinson’s hypocrisy for seeking refuge in EU because of his positions on #Brexit & anti-immigration isn’t a ‘celebration of arson attack'”

Mr Robinson, 37 has been forced to ‘flee to Spain’ after he revealed that his family home owned by his wife was the target of a suspected arson attack. 

He fled to Spain with his with and Children and was due to attend a rally to deport the ‘Rochdale Three’ in London this Saturday. 

Shola tweeted: “No country should give Tommy Robinson refuge. Period.” 

“Payback time for inciting hate against all those who sought refuge in UK from persecution/war/economic oppression.”

” He runs to an European country which would’ve been easier to settle in if not for #Brexit. Can’t make it up.ck’ ” 

Shola has previously supported ISIS Bride Shamima Begum, arguing that the UK is “responsible” for the extremist who joined Britain’s enemy in Syria. 


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