DUMB LABOUR STRIKES AGAIN! Lisa Nandy Brands Immigration Criticts RACIST… proving Labour has learned NOTHING after it’s BIGGEST election defeat since 1935

LABOUR Leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy has revealed her true colours on Immigration.

The leftie MP claimed that the last Labour government ‘didn’t do enough to create a welcoming environment for immigrants’, and under her, she said that the party shouldn’t be ‘putting immigration slogans on mugs’.

She then attacked working-class populism claiming that the likes of US President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson were not good enough, as they claimed that they weren’t racist, whereas their actions didn’t reflect this, stating that her support for open borders made her anti-racist. Virtue signalling, indeed.

This contradicts the facts on the matter. The previous Labour government, led by Tony Blair and then by Gordon Brown was one of the most welcoming times for mass immigration in Britain’s history. Through many initiatives, including opening the borders to Eastern European countries, abolishing the primary purpose rule, relaxing the laws on asylum seekers in the early 2000s, allowing more foreign students in to the country, mass immigration increased. 

This led to 2.2 million immigrants entering Britain in that time, the largest wave of mass immigration since the days of the Roman Empire invading these isles. People who argued against these policies were dismissed as racist, as noted in The Strange Death Of Europe by Douglas Murray. 

While there was an economic factor to this, it was mainly out of a cultural mindset, as exposed by former Labour speechwriter Andrew Neather in the Evening Standard back in 2009, where he claimed it was designed to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.

The clip also has a nasty undertone to it, implying that critics of mass immigration are inherently racist by default. In conjunction with the vitriol against a woman on BBC’s Question Time by the left for her expressing the majority view on immigration in a peaceful and fair manner, and it proves that the left still hasn’t learned anything as to why it lost to a Conservative landslide at the last general election.

Often portrayed as the ‘moderate’ candidate in the race (against the overt socialist Rebecca Long-Bailey and the Blairite Europhile Keir Starmer), Nandy has demonstrated time and time again her true self on many issues.

This includes her support for identity politics (most notably on a confrontational Good Morning Britain interview with Piers Morgan), wanting the Empire part of the Honours list to be removed, and has even advocated that transgender women who have been convicted of rape should be allowed in women’s prisons.

This has left many moderate Labour Party voters without a voice, most notably UnHerd columnist and Blue Labour figurehead Paul Embery who stated the following on his Twitter account.

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