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DUMB LEFTIES: BBC News asks “do we discriminate against Black pets?”

LAWD HAVE MERCY… The dumb lefties at the BBC have come up with a WHOLE new way to be outraged, and believe me, it’s hilarious.

Not content with pushing “digital blackface” down our throats, the publicly funded corporation is now asking “Do we discriminate against Black pets?” …Hold the f*cking front page, because I’m about to have a nervous breakdown.



Like the BBC’s recent “digital blackface” campaign, They are calling this “Black Dog Syndrome” and even some shelter workers have been promoting this new leftist agenda. They say dark-furred pups to languish in kennels while their lighter-furred friends get adopted.



We turned to Australia’s “Team Dog” website to get some more info and Darren from the organisation said:

“What we are actually doing here is perpetuating the idea that these pets are unwanted or damaged goods and we are attaching a stigma to them, While this ‘black dog/cat syndrome’ idea persists in the animal shelter/rescue world, there is very little data to suggest it is true. As advocates of pet adoptions, we need to be sure we are sending clear, positive messages to the public that inspire and enable them to find their new best mate at their local pound, shelter, or rescue group. We aren’t going to do that if we’re throwing around random, unsupported negative stereotypes.”

The BBC News England Facebook fans weren’t too impressed with the BBC’s latest excuse to be outraged.

Yvonne Thorpe said: “What a load of……. do some people use everything and turn it into a racial issue. If a puppy comes to me and wants attention, I buy it. If a kitten looks at me with big pleading eyes, I want it. So far for I have had 2 black labs, 1 red setter, 1 black cat and 1 ginger.”

Owen Tourniquet: “Complete liberal lunacy disproven in two words. Labrador retriever. Most commonly black, are the most common dog in the U.K. as well as the USA. Congratulations, you’re now race baiting with animals.”

James Gould added “What a pile of dog crap….black dogs and cats are actually more desirable you ‘tards. You’re just trying to project the (false) idea that ‘Britain be inherently racist, yo’.
Look at the statistics and you will see, from government research that non-whites actually do better than ‘native white’.
Get screw yourselves Beeb. You and your race-baiting…”

Snoop Dawg

So there you have it, folks, the whole “Black dog syndrome” was a load of dog**** after all.

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