EXCLUSIVE: Leftist NUT General Secretary smears Tommy Robinson, gets slapped down by Members

KEVIN Courtney, the assistant General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, which is the largest education union in Britain, has used his position of influence to smear Tommy Robinson.

Courtney, 59 a former teacher from working-class Pontypridd in Wales wrote on Facebook: “Tommy Robinson’s release on bail is likely to lead to an increase in racist mobilisation”

Kevin, who also had a ‘refugees welcome’ badge on one of his profile pictures used a racial slur to describe Black and Mixed Race people and said Tommy’s release would lead to the “racist intimidation of people of colour, particularly those that muslim or migrant.”

He called on NUT members to ‘sign’ a Stand Up To Racism ‘statement of resistance.’ and told members to ‘print it and ask your workmates to sign it.’

The post received condemnation from Facebook users with one user asking: “Do you speak for ALL of your members? Have they agreed to let you say these things on their behalf?

If not, you are creating division within your union.

Campaign for pay, conditions, etc. But DON’T tell people what they should believe!”

Angela Noonan wrote: “I think you will find you have shot your self in the foot with this status…..I am ashamed that you are Welsh I’m hoping you only live there but were not born there…..you are a disgusting excuse for a man, in a position of trust within the teachers Union…SHAME ON YOU”

Another user, Christine added: “Kevin Courtney I challenge you to find one racist comment Tommy Robinson has ever made and when you can’t (out of the countless speeches he has on YouTube) you owe him and his supporters a massive apology for your uneducated slander!!”

Sharon Ann wrote: ” Oh my, You are a disgrace, especially for a man within the position you hold, You should not be allowed to teach with the disgusting views that you have, I am a Tommy supporter and how dare you say i should not be welcome in multicultural towns and cities!! who do you think you are! I am not racist neither is Tommy. Shame Shame Shame on you!!!!!!!!”

KEVIN Courtney is clearly abusing his position to push his own leftist political beliefs in the hope of influencing the NUT and the National Education Union (NEU) that has over 500,000 members and is the largest education union in the UK.

He also used a racial slur to describe Black and Mixed Race people. “People of Colour” is an offensive and derogatory term. Kevin should know better. 

Its ironic, a man calling another man the racist, turns out to be the racist. 

We have approached NEU and Carol for comment.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Paul Townsend

    August 4, 2018 at 22:39

    I would challenge anyone defining Tommy as a racist for his actions against peodophiles, to give a sentenced statement showing they are not peodophiles themselves or peodophiles supporters. Each and every person who crisizes what Tommy Robinson stands for is basically saying that’s what they are. It’s beyond belief.

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