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EXCLUSIVE: Resident Twitter Leftist Mike Stuchbery SMEARS Gay, Mixed guy as ‘far-right’ in vile Xenophobic attack


TWITTER’s resident ‘got a face you wanna punch, repeatedly’ Leftist, Mike Stuchbery was so triggered after getting into a debate with Politicalite’s Editor, Jordan James, he BLOCKED him after a few hours.

Far-Left Stuchbery, from Dunstable, England – once ‘schooled’ an Asian journalist by colluding with the Fake News Independent to smear him as a ‘White Supremacist’ has now attempted to brand the gay, mixed-race working-class Editor of Politicalite as a ‘Far-Right’ Neo-Nazi because he supported Tommy Robinson and UKIP.

Mike responded to a tweet by Tommy Robinson’s PA and spokeswoman, Hel Gower who tweeted out one of Politicalite’s stories about a Prison Officer who was suspended from Addiwell Nick in Scotland for supporting Tommy Robinson in May.

Stuchbery claimed our website was not a reputable publication – even though the story was true, and was also reported by The Scottish Sun despite him, his Twitter account and his failed blog repeatedly attacking Tommy Robinson in an attempt to push false narratives about the jailed right-wing activist.

We responded by launching a website ‘dick measuring’ contest and shared some stats from both our websites, Politicalite – clearly beat the fucking the shit out of Radical Islamist Appeaser Mike’s failed ‘mike-stuchbery.org.’ blog.

He responded

Another user replied:

Nasty Mike, then hated on a working-class guy who’s aiming high with the classic Leftist ‘Far-Right’ smear, only this time, he used it on the wrong guy.


Stuchbery was then accused of being ‘Xenophobic’ by multiple Twitter user for pushing the misconception that Macedonians offer cheap Migrant labour.

Nasty Mike then doubled down and said: “I don’t care what your background is, or who you’re fuckin’ mate, you’ve still set up a Far Right blog. You’re hardly the first mixed-race or queer kid to get mixed up in Far Right politics either. Won’t be the last.”

Mike later blocked Politicalite, after Jordan James singlehandedly responded to nearly all of Stuchbereis vile far-left trolls.



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