EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson Vs The Ultimate Liberal “Anti-Fascist” SJW

TOMMY ROBINSON was quietly enjoying breakfast in Cambridge, England earlier this week, when the ultimate Dumb Leftie approached and tried to take down the former-EDL leader turned political activist and journalist.

In a video published on Social Media, the unidentified woman comes over to Mr Robinson and begins a high pitched rant: “THERE SHOULD BE NO ROOM AND NO SPACE FOR FASCISTS IN CAMBRIDGE!” The woman shouts.

Robinson, whilst being talked over repeatedly by the angry SJW, politely asks the woman: “What makes me a Fascist?”

She replies: “Your a member of the English Defence League.”

Robinson hits back: “I’m not a member of the EDL, I haven’t been for four years.”

The ultimate SJW then shouts over Robinson and asks “Have you renounced Fascism? Are you now working for Anti-Fascists organisations”

Robinson doubles down: “Can I ask you what makes me a Fascist?”

The SJW responds: “That involves being Racist”

Robinson responds: “What have I ever said that’s racist?”

The barking liberal then claims: “I don’t even need to recap the EDL’s record on Racism”

She then rants about Robinson’s “Anti-Islam Stance” and claims its “Racist”.

Robinson defends himself and states “Islam is not a race.”

She doubles down and says: ” Your Anti-Islam Stance is Racist, it has been Racialised.”

Robinson adds that “Islam is a Political ideology” and says ” I have a problem with a book, I don’t have a problem with people”

“Islam is a manifestation of a book” Robinson said.

Robinson then asks the woman if Islam is a race, and the Liberal responds “No, I do not believe Islam is a race, but your attitude towards Islam is Racist”

Tommy then tells the Liberal she is “Embarrassing.”


The liberal responds by telling Robinson: “I’m embarrassed that you’re in Cambridge”

“I’m Embarrassed that you’re allowed to sit in this Cafe and I’m embarrassed to sit next to you.”

Then a man who seems to be a restaurant employee tries to calm the situation and Robinson adds: “I Don’t want to argue, I just want to have Breakfast”

She then goes into a full Anti-Fascist, Fascist mode and says: “Why should you be allowed to have Breakfast!”

Tommy says: “It’s a free society, we beat the Nazi’s”

The Liberal is then triggered and blows her lid: “We beat the Nazi’s? You’re fucking supporting Nazi ideology.”

Robinson calls out the liberals swearing as young children and families are present and says: “You’re  from a different world to me, you don’t know what it’s like for people like me to grow up in Luton.”

“You’re from a different world, you have no idea what you are talking about”

The Liberal then packs up her bags, (Defeated) and Robinson hits her with the killer blow: “You can’t mention one thing I’ve done, you can’t mention one thing I’ve ever said, You don’t have an argument”

“Do you know how Fascist that is what you’re saying”

As the liberal continues her rant, whilst leaving, Robinson apologizes to customers in the restaurant whilst the woman walks out.

As always, the so-called Anti-Fascist is the true Fascist.

Stay classy Liberals!

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