HACKED OFF: Leftie Journos DEFEND Disgraced Zoom Hacker

MAINSTREAM journalists and left-wing commentators jumped in to defend former media editor for the Financial Times Mark Di Stefano after he was forced to resign from the FT in a Zoom hacking scandal.

Di Stefano had previously been suspended from the prestigious broadsheet after it was revealed he had hacked private Zoom meetings at rival papers.

Guardian columnist and left-wing activist Owen Jones wished Mark the ‘best of luck’ and the far-left face of Novara Media Ash Sarkar hoped Mark was ‘alright’ and also wished him ‘good luck’.

Surprisingly, BBC journalists and other FT hacks also defended hacker Mark including Emily Maitlis from Newsnight who said she was “sad” to see Mark go.

Daily Mirror’s Political Editor Pippa Crearer said: “Oh mate, sorry to hear this. You’ll bounce back. Sending love x”

Financial journalist Paul Lewis felt that Mark had done his ‘job as a journalist’ and fellow BuzzFeed alumni Tom Gara claimed that his recent departure from the FT ‘sucked’ adding that he was a ‘star’.

A staffer at YouTube UK Ben McOwen Wilson also came to his defence, wishing him the ‘best of luck’ and that he was looking forward to ‘the next chapter’.

The head of the Muslim Council of Britain Miqdaad Versi also said he was ‘so sorry’ about what happened’, with others being ‘sorry’, ‘really sorry’  and one hoping he would ‘plot your revenge’.

Despite this, most of the response to this announcement was negative against the disgraced journalist, some said that ‘karma’ had come back to him.

One wished that he would end up in ‘prison hopefully’ and some prominent populist figures calling him out, like ex-Breitbart journalist David Atherton, who accused him of cancel culture and BBCjournalist Hannah Bayman highlighting how he’d behaved similarly towards a group of her company’s workers, calling his work a ‘string of inaccuracies’ and ‘it’s not journalism’.

Mark Di Stefano had previously been a journalist at Buzzfeed before becoming a media reporter for the Financial Times. He was recently suspended from the broadsheet due to an investigation in to his behaviour, whereby he hacked Zoom calls of journalists of both The Independent and the Evening Standard (as detailed by his log files), in order to acquire a scoop. He was then punished for his behaviour.

In a statement following his suspension Mark said:

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