ISN’T THAT RACIST? Owen Jones Uses WRONG Photo Of Black Rapper In Wiley Article 

THE LEFTIE Guardian and Owen Jones were accused of ‘racism’ on Wednesday after the pro-BLM news outlet used a photo of the wrong black man in an anti-racism article.

In coverage of Wiley-gate in which the London-born rapper tweeted a slurry of anti-Semitic tweets, the leftie outlet used a picture of rapper Kano. 

One reader slammed Owen and the paper writing: “Could The Guardian using a picture of Kano on an article talking about Wiley moving mad, be any more emblematic of how the media is not qualified to be the moral arbiters on race(ism) that they think they are? If anything they’re the biggest culprits.” 

Hannah wrote: “the @guardian using a picture of Kano this morning instead of Wiley in an article about racism really just says it all. how many people had to see this piece before it went live???? do fucking better”

Ewell Gregoor said: “Despite not being mentioned anywhere in the article, The Guardian have decided the best photo for this article about Wiley, is a photo of Kano. I don’t think it’s racist, merely a mistake. The Guardian don’t offer others the luxury of mistakes.” 

Owen Jones blocked critics who called out the mistake. 

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