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LIDDLE ISSUE: This Exchange With The Left Shows Why They Can’t Win Elections

ON SATURDAY morning whilst lying in bed with my partner after stuffing our faces with a McDonalds Breakfast delivery from UberEats (fourth of the week, Tier 3 lockdown and all) I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across a post in a leftist group that attacking the legendary Sun columnist and right-winger, Rod Liddle.

I’m a member of many political groups on Facebook. Left-wing, Right-wing, Remain, Leave. I like to see a variety of viewpoints and as a journalist I think you should always see what the other side is saying, even if you don’t agree. I never usually comment, but I decided to bite and boy, did the lefties in this Facebook group run by the independent news outlet ‘The Dorset-Eye’ kick off, and in my opinion – it explains why they can never win an election.

The Sun opinion piece by Liddle being debated (read here) said:”Covid has made heroes of many of our workers… but not teachers,” and the group hated that.

The author of the post was a teacher called Leeza Jane (not sure who she bats for) she wailed: “Rod Liddle in The Sun telling so many untruths about teachers and expressing so much bile and vitriol. Utterly toxic.”

One member hit back: “Rod Liddle got where he is as a result of teaching the twunt to read and write. What ba pity. Waste of rations. He even got fired from the Beeb.”

Whilst another said: “Rod Liddle is a proven liar and an agitator.”

“Where to start with this? It’s lazy journalism designed to get a reaction. Job done I suppose. Real kick in the teeth though after a stressful term” said one Teacher.

So I decided to defend Rod, He’s of the few honest and no-holds barred mainstream journalists and I have much respect for the writer. I simply replied: “He’s right tho… teachers have had it easy. Been off on full pay during lockdown and school holidays. Bunch of moaning socialists the lot of em.” and boy, did they bite.

One man, called Stephen wrote: “What a load of shite. My wife’s a teacher and she works a 70-hour week, 35 of that teaching, the rest admin. She is also obliged to work in covid-unsafe conditions – no masks, no distancing, not even one of those forehead thermometers that restaurants use. So stress? Yes. And I’d love to see one of these wanker journalists control a class of energetic, disruptive kids of a few hours, let alone all day every day.”

I hit back: “no one forced her to be a teacher.”

Stephen wrote: “No, it’s calling – it takes dedication – and I don’t think that is something someone should be criticised for.”

I debated by writing: “all jobs are hard, don’t see a builder (much harder job physically) working 70 hour weeks complaining, they just get on with it. Must be a class thing.”

Monty hit back: “no one forced her to be a teacher” what’s that even supposed to mean?”

Author of the post Leeza (not sure if she likes Women or Men) said: “he [me] obviously places no value at all in education as a “thing”.

Sophie said: “think you are missing the point by a country mile.”

The first leftie was then caught by my right-wing hook and the Leeza wrote back: “I can tell you what it means about him! It means he’s a *%#€!!*#%”

The Leeza added: “builders don’t moan? No! They’re all loving it! They skip to work, skip home and all is absolutely fucking golden in their world! Guess being mainly self-employed means that their level of unionisation is quite low so we don’t get to hear their collective “moans” in the media.”

Alisha said: “no one forced them to be a builder, perhaps if they did better at school instead of arsing around, they could have got better qualifications and an easier job earning more money.” – wow, nice to know what the left thinks of our hard-working tradesmen.”

She added: “did you not read what Stephen just said?”

“Socialised education might I guess have a few people working in it who might have supportive beliefs, I guess.”

“Education will be much better when every family in the country has to pay a weekly / daily bill direct to the business that they send their child to for their marketised education though, right?”

Stephen, whose wife is a teacher (he won’t let us forget) added: “more uninformed bullshit.”

He added: “My wife worked harder than ever during lockdown.”

“The additional administration that teaching via the internet took caused even more work.” he moaned.

I hit back: “yea, privatised education would be much better IMO.”

“Standards would improve if schools had competition, if failure meant loosing money rather than asking for more from the Government.”

The Leeza said: “you have absolutely no understanding of educating people though? Am I right?”

I punched back at Stephen (whose wife is a teacher, don’t forget!) “oh so she’s been sat at home during lockdown making an easier job EVEN MORE easier?”

I then argued: “My partner is a scaffolder – he’s worked non stop, even weekends. He never complains, just gets on with it. That’s what people do when they have responsibilities and a family to feed.”


Stephen, clearly out debated then replied to my comment about Teachers having it easier at home, and tried to tell me that I was stupid (as all lefties do when they lose an argument) he said: “Sorry, how does that make it easier? It made it harder, not easier. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

So I argued back, happy with my catches of the day: “She doesn’t have to commute and deal with those rowdy kids in the classroom you complained about in your above post, and there’s me thinking I’m the one who hasn’t a clue”

Stephen hit back: “No, but the additional admin and dealing with cumbersome technology added to the workload.”

Then Nasty Neil piped up and said: “Utter [CENSORED] nonsense!”

“Privatisation does not improve services ( whatever they are ) and it never has done.”

“Are energy bills lower because the national grid is operated by private companies ?”

“Is Royal Mail better now that it has been privatised ?”

“Are the rail networks better for being privatised ?”

“How about the NHS ?”

“Privatisation only serves to increase the profit margins of the companies envolved [sic] and swell the bank accounts of CEO’s and shareholders .”

“Wake the fuck up and have a look around before you make yourself look any sillier .”

So after enjoying my McDelivery half an hour earlier, I decided to use that as an example as to why privatised and Capitalist systems work better than socialist ones.

McDonald's has finally launched their delivery service in Ireland |

I argued: “Then why is it easier and quicker to get a McDonalds delivered than it is for a paramedic or policeman to come to your rescue?”

“The answer is simple… McDonald’s knows that if it wants to be Number one it has to be the best and quickest around, the policeman and [the] paramedic know that there isn’t another service that the person waiting can use, so they can take as long as they like… therefore, competition and market privatisation works much better than socialist showers of shite.”

Leeza found this hilarious writing: “you are absolutely hysterical!”

Sophie piped up, accusing me of being a troll: “Please don’t feed the trolls, it makes them feel important.”

Humans of Late Capitalism is the Twitter account of the present moment - Flipboard

She told Leeza not to laugh and wrote: “He would be if it wasn’t for the fact that there are many more ignorant eejits like him about.”

Our friend (with the wife who’s a teacher) then wrote: “Private education would be better? It is private. It’s been privatised – taken into an academy trust. More unpaid hours and pay freezes for the staff, big bucks for the directors.”

Under total leftist attack, I did not know who to reply to, so I wrote back to Nasty Neil: “Your comment about the NHS… the NHS is shite and needs privatising. I’m with BUPA and the service is outstanding. Private companies work better than state run companies.”


This was like dropping the mother of all bombs, and our lefty NHS worshipers couldn’t handle it.

Mother Of All Bombs': 10 Things To Know About GBU-43, The Largest  Non-Nuclear Bomb

Martyn said: “do one you sad little troll.”

Confused Leeza said: “fancy comparing a Mac Donald’s delivery to a paramedic! So fucking funny!”

One honourable man, called Andy did defend this radical right-winger and said: “Took a break from Dorset Eye and came back and unfortunately it is still the same. Someone like Jordan has a different view (which I don’t particularly agree with) but he gets abused and bullied.”

Nasty Neil ignored Angelic Andy writing: “Congratulations on being able to afford private healthcare for youerlself [sic] but millions won’t be able to you ignorant , heartless prick .”

I hit back: “my cover costs about £150 a month… you can get covered for as little as £40 a month with less health benefits. Tell me how that makes me an ignorant, heartless prick?”

Patsy Stone - I'm fine - YouTube


Nasty Neil wrote: “I’ve just fuckin told you why you’re heartless and ignorant ya fuckin clown.. Not everybody can afford £40 a month [Jobseekers Allowance is £297 a month] and some people will be REFUSED”

Admin then got involved (took them long enough) and warned me for the my offence (having a free mind that likes to debate): “I imagine you have some intelligence, in which case you would be perfectly aware of the make-up and sympathies of this group. I can only assume therefore that you are being deliberately provocative rather than wanting to contribute anything positive. This is, as you know, often described as ‘trolling’. Please try and be more constructive, or return to your own.”

I then unveiled my final act and wrote: “I joined the group to see different opinions and views to my own, whilst scrolling through my feed I commented on the post without seeing what group it was and accidentally caused world war three cos a bunch of lefties can’t handle an innocent debate. I sincerely apologise for the members of group, their inability to debate politely and their thin skin.”

You see… Left-wingers just can’t handle debate. They like to live in echo chambers online and therefore think the whole country subscribes to their worldview, but by doing so they then forget what their usual working-class voting base actually thinks. This is why the left is so out of touch today and this is why they will forever loose elections, they just can’t handle any opinion other than their own.

One thing for sure, the outstanding independent outlet The Dorset Eye (whilst not of my political persuasion) supports free-speech, I’ve still not been removed from the group, though – after this article, I probably will be.


A Force of Nature :) (With images) | The iron lady, Coat, Thatcher

Anyway, We’re off for a pint and a scotch egg in Tier 2 Cheshire. Cheerio.


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