LOONEY LABOUR: Shadow Minister DENIES biological sex exists

DURING a Good Morning Britain interview, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities Dawn Butler admitted something so stupid, some have jokingly compared it to Labour becoming the party of the ‘flat earth society’. 

She stated that babies are born without a predetermined ‘sex’! Yes, that’s right. Despite endless scientific data proving the contrary, the party is now so scared of the trans lobby that they are resorting to coming out with stupid stuff like this. 

This comes at a time whereby the political party is being heavily criticised for its approach to trans rights, culminating in the #ExpelMe hashtag trending on Twitter, as numerous feminists threatened to quit the party in protest of leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey stating that ‘transphobic’ members of the party should be kicked out. Lisa Nandy, another leadership hopeful was also heavily criticised for stating that male child rapists who identify as women should be allowed in to women’s prisons during a Labour leadership debate.

Many mocked and criticised Butler for her stance. On the right, the likes of Conservative MP Nadine Dorries and The Times’ Janice Turner were heavily critical, the latter of whom compared it to ‘flat earthery’. Meanwhile, many committed Labour voters expressed outrage at this behaviour, most notably prominent Fire Brigades Union and Blue Labour spokesman Paul Embery, who claimed that it was ‘moral cowardice’.

This sort of behaviour and claims have heavily damaged political parties before. Take for example the Liberal Democrats during the 2019 General Election, who in a way to remain relevant, became heavily involved in trans rights, advocating them being pro-self ID for transgender people, all the while allowing people to change their gender information on their birth certificate. 

This led to several embarrassing exchanges, with party leader Jo Swinson failing to answer basic biology questions during a BBC Radio 5 interview. The party then didn’t win the election, with Swinson herself losing her seat to the Scottish National Party.

Whether such behaviour shall have any impact on the final result of the leadership contest is yet to be determined, with Sir Keir Starmer still being the favourite, following the departure of Emily Thornberry. 

That being noted, it shall keep Labour out of office for years to come. We can all be thankful for that.

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