ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE: We need to talk about white Liberals who claim to speak for black people

We have a problem in both British and American society right now – and it’s a downright racist one. I’m not talking about Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Anne Marie Watters or Tommy Robinson, in fact, I’m not going to talk about right wingers at all. I’m referring to the ever so illiberal ‘liberal’ left.

Liberals have become so opposed to racism that in a strange way, the freedom fighting anti-racists have become everything they claim to be against, they are the “Big Brother” in George Orwell’s “1984” and thought is a crime.

Time after time, I am told by predominantly White Liberals what I must think about an issue, whom I must support, and whom I must oppose. These liberals seem to hold the view that as a mixed race person, I and my political views are automatically ‘owned’ by the Left.

Well, Liberals… I have got news for you. No one ‘owns’ my political views, myself and many other black and mixed race people feel the same. We owe nothing to the left or the right and as a black man, I’m telling you that I can make my own mind up, but thanks for the patronising ‘support’.

The only thing these Liberals are trying to achieve by claiming to oppose racism, is trying to reassure the world they are a good person and to reassure themselves they aren’t a racist, so that means opposing all other views.

The Liberal reaction to anything these days is to scream racism, to scream offence, they even called Brexit a racist vote. But the age of political correctness has turned me into an out and proud right-winger.

This all started in late 2015, I was so fed-up of the ever so illiberal liberals attacking Donald Trump for being a ‘racist’ I thought, “If he’s so racist, so bad, so hellish, then why am I attracted to his views?”

The same goes for the likes of Anti-Extremism campaigner, Tommy Robinson – Whilst I don’t agree with most of his politics, the fact that liberals and leftists alike are so quick to denounce the man and play the racist card, that it makes me want to learn the real truth – to dig deeper behind the lefty rhetoric.

I hate to use my race card, I rarely do, but after I wrote a recent article about Islamic Extremism and the attempt by Labour MPs to ban a book launch by Tommy Robinson, I was forced to use it.

Reply after reply, people cried ‘That’s RACIST!’, they shouted bigot, they were so closed minded to everything they were supposedly against, they actually became the ones who were the closed minded bigots.

I argued that as a man of black decent (I’m mixed race) then why do the views of a “so-called racist” not offend me? Why are all these white Liberals trying to tell me what is racist and what is not? Shouldn’t black people be the ones to say what is offensive to them?

The response, was quite shocking, in fact – it was something that you’d expect a racist bigot to say.

“Why the need to claim you are a person descended from black heritage (an interesting choice of words by the way) and that you do not find him offensive.?”

Oh, the anti-racist is calling me out for using the race card? The shock, the horror.

Only, I wasn’t surprised. I’ve known for a long time what these Liberals are about, It isn’t anything to do with protecting people like me, it’s only to make themselves feel better.

You see, I find that most of the time, it’s the Liberals who are the nasty ones and they are usually the most offensive.

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