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PC ARMY: Soldiers are reacting to the new ‘diversity-focused’ Army adverts, and it’s hilarious

ARMY chiefs are coming under intense fire – from soldiers, on the “Army Jobs” Facebook page after posting a new advert that shows a Muslim soldier PRAYING in the middle of a battle.

The actor pauses, drinks from a stream, takes off his boots and begins to pray – whilst the other soldiers watch on.

But real serving soldiers are absolutely ripping the new “diversity” focused adverts apart, with one saying “on the battlefield, religion, gender, race and sexuality mean nothing”

John wrote on Facebook “£1.6 million the army spent on this and the heating in my block still doesn’t work”

Daniel asked if we needed defence “when you have god on your side”

Another user wrote: “This is an absolute joke, I’m literally convinced this is an attempt at comedy. Halfway through a patrol?! Seriously?! What thunderc*nts made these adverts?”

Adam joked “Drinking from an unknown water source, bad drills”

One post asked if a “carpet and a skull cap” were now part of the packing list.”

Richie joked “Contact!! Wait Out ! Hang on I’ll just put my boots back on ???.”

Anthony wrote “This is unbelievable!! Don’t worry mate we will stop the patrol for you, take your boots, helmet and weapon off while you’re at it, drink out of that contaminated river, oh and we will mute our comms for you. We are happy to sacrifice professionalism for diversity…Hoofing!”

Jonny said that “On patrol, potential enemy all around, everyone on edge. Over the net you hear “Hold up lads it’s prayer time.” Let’s be realistic this will not happen no matter your faith.”

Allan warned of potential legal action and said ” Is this a joke? Just cut the radio out on a patrol because someone is praying?
You do realise people will sue when they realise this is actual bollox”

And a user going by the name of Dunk perfectly summed up the stupidity of the advert he wrote “Being a soldier is a 24/7…Whilst the army might feel pressured to “advertise” it can be diverse…on the battlefield…gender..race, all that means nothing, you follow orders without question!”

Senior critics have said “The Army is being forced down a route of political correctness” and others say the ads “misrepresents life inside the Army.”

What do you make of the Advert?

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