PC GONE MAD! Looney Left Smear Patriots on St George’s Day

ST GEORGES Day brought leftist attacks in an attempt to trash England’s culture and heritage,

Leftie commentators used England’s national day to complain about the UK, England and nationalism as a whole.

They also tried to use it to crowbar political messaging about immigration and diversity, referring to the Saint’s Greek origins, none more so crude than that of LBC radio host James O’Brien who sneered at how George became the ‘patron saint of patriotic breakfasts’ despite being a ‘Cappadocian Greek who joined the Roman army and never set foot in England’.

There were also those who accused people who celebrated it of being racist. Prominent socialist Twitter user Ben claimed that while it should be ‘celebrated’, it had been ‘hijacked’ by ‘pig-ignorant gammons that destroy their country every time they visit the ballot box’.

Columnist James Melville of the Byline Times highlighted the foreign past of George and for ‘bravely standing up against discrimination and oppression’.

Independent columnist Jon Stone called George a ‘a symbol of multiculturalism’, based on his background and how other countries celebrated him as a Saint, with pro-EU messaging crammed in there as well. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who claimed that the day was to celebrate ‘our modern diversity and values’.

Other left-wing messages were also pushed, like that of author Guy Shrubsole who used the occasion to plug his book Who Owns England? all the while complain about how ‘1% of the population own half the land in England’.

Most people however celebrated the day for its celebration of England and English nationalism. Many shared their pride this way, including English Democrats leader Robin Tilbrook,

Footballer Wayne Rooney and Conservative MPs Dehenna Davison and Andrew Rosindell laso celebrated.

However, other prominent ones didn’t celebrate it at all, using the day to commemorate the start of the Muslim festival Ramadan, including Labour MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Zarah Sultana.

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