REVEALED: ‘Woke’ Ben & Jerry’s Sold Ice Cream Containing PESTICIDE to UK Consumers 

BEN & Jerry’s sold ice cream to consumers that contained controversial pesticides including weedkiller, sparking safety fears. 

According to a report in 2017, ice cream sold under the Ben & Jerry’s brand contained traces of the weedkiller glyphosate, better known as ‘RoundUp’ tests revealed.

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The chemical was used on food crops, particularly in GM farming, around the world.

The poison was found in Ben & Jerry’s flavours such as Half Baked cookie dough. Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. – but it was given the all clear by EU watchdogs.

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Twelve out of 14 samples of the ice cream bought across Europe were positive for the weed killer.


The Daily Mail revealed in 2017 that the pesticide could cause liver damage, as professors from Kings College London linked the chemical to the development of liver disease during trials with lab rats.

Ben & Jerry’s owner Unilever said at the time: ‘The bottom line is that our products are safe to eat and the trace levels of glyphosate detected were significantly below all allowable US and European standards.”

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AMERICAN Ice Cream giant Ben & Jerry’s faced the wrath of the silent majority in Britain after going on the attack over the Home Secretaries tough crack-down on illegal migrants entering the UK via boat in Dover. 

Over the past few weeks alone over 4,000 illegal migrants have entered Britain via Dover – and they;re being escored by police escort to four star hotels across the south of England, all at the expense of the British taxpayer. 

However – the liberal American Ice Cream company Ben & Jerry’s thinks that the British taxpayer should foot the bill for these economic migrants coming to Britain to claim benefits and leech off the state. 


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