SORE LOSERS: Corbyn Thugs CLASH with Police in Central London After Boris Landslide

ANGRY Lefties clashed with Police last night following Boris Johnson’s historic landslide victory. 

Antifa flags were seen in the crowds with “Socialist Worker” placards along with the message “TORIES OUT” written on them. 

VIOLENCE: The Protesters Clashed With Brave Police Officers

BAD LOSERS: Angry Lefties March Through London

The group also chanted “NOT MY PRIME MINISTER” in similar scenes to the historic win of President Trump over in the states. 

WATCH: Protesters Clash With Police Amid Boris Landslide


JOHNSON won a whopping 365 seats compared to Labour’s 203 giving Mr Johnson a comfortable majority of 70+ – the biggest Tory majority since the days of Thatcher and gained a total of 13,966,565 votes across the United Kingdom. 

He was praised after pulling off a stunning election win returning the Conservatives to their most significant success since Margaret Thatcher in 1987 with Labour seeing its worst result since 1935.

Jeremy Corbyn announced that he would be standing down after a dismal night for his party who saw Boris take a total wrecking-ball through Labour heartlands in the North as the working-classes dismissed Corbyn’s Mad Marxist vision for Britain, signifying that its now the Conservatives who are the party of the working-class.

Boris thanked working-class voters and said he was “humbled” that voters who had never before voted Tory had chosen to put their trust in him.

He acknowledged that in order to retain their support the Conservative Party would have to change some of its priorities.

“Those people want change. We cannot, must not, must not, let them down. And in delivering change, we must change too,” he said.

Additional Reporting by PA Media

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