TEMPER TANTRUM: Little Owen Jones BLOCKS Anyone Who Disagrees With Him

LITTLE Owen Jones, leftie cry-baby who once walked out of a debate on Sky News because he was offended by ‘hurty words’ blocks anyone who disagrees with his left-wing ideology, it has been claimed.

Owen, who likes to tweet about folks from behind a block, even blocked a guy who called him out after he blamed pensioners for ‘breaking’ the NHS.

Twitter user William McNeil tweeted to Mr Jones and said: “The ever-insightful @OwenJones84 ALMOST admits the NHS is at breaking point because so many people use it.”

“Instead of alluding towards mass-immigration, he catches himself and shakily blames your Gran instead!”

“Stop blaming our pensioners, Owen! #GrannyLivesMatter”

This was too much for little Owen, who then proceeded to BLOCK Mr McNeil.

It didn’t stop his tweet going viral though gaining a whopping 1,283 Retweets and 2,924 Likes.

William told Politicalite: “Thanks to my Mum, She was watching Jeremy Vine as I was leaving for work. I happened to see that little segment and I said to myself ‘I need to come home and clip this’”

Yesterday, Owen faced widespread ridicule after calling on Gays to back a group of people who hate them.

Owen wrote in left-wing gay magazine, Attitude and said: “Members of the LGBT community must stand behind under-fire Muslims.’

The Labour party figure – a party that has been accused of being widely Anti-Semitic even had the audacity to demonise a whole group of people branding them ‘Far-Right’ and said the so-called ‘Far Right’ (working-class people): “Just as they once demonised and made scapegoats of Jews, now it’s the turn of Muslims.”

Despite half of British Muslims thinking Homosexuality should be illegal, he said: “There’s a striking similarity between how Muslims are treated and the experiences of LGBT+ people.”

Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission said the findings were “extremely worrying” as they suggested on many issues Muslims were “nation within a nation” according to The Guardian.

Following the piece, Jones bragged on Twitter and said: “This article has sent the worst people on the Internet into a ‘Frothing Frenzy’.

Not before he blocked anyone disagreeing with him.

Poor little Owen.

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