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THANK YOU, DON’T COME AGAIN: Millennials watching cult 1990s hit ‘The Simpsons’ say the show is ‘Problematic’ and they HATE Apu!

SNOWFLAKE Millenials watching The Simpsons have hit out at the cult 90s show branding it “Problematic” with one even creating a documentary, entitled “The Problem With Apu”… yes, seriously. 

The show that has covered everything from gay marriages, inter-racial marriage, drug use, vegans, multiculturalism, different religions, the divide of rich and poor, racism, teen depression, poverty and alcoholism is apparently way too offensive for Millenials.

They particularly hate the classic line “Thank you, come again!” by Indian Kwik-E-Mart shopkeeper Apu, who speaks with an exaggerated Indian accent.

They brand his character as “offensive.” and there’s even a new SJW ‘Thing’ called “The Problem With Apu”

Comedian Hari Kondabolu has been so affected by Apu, he created a documentary called The Problem With Apu; exploring just why the cartoon character is so unacceptable.

 Kondabolu said: “Apu reflected how America viewed us: servile, devious, goofy,”

“A white dude created a stereotypical Indian voice, and a bunch of white writers in the room laughed at said stereotypical Indian voice, and this led to the creation of my childhood bully and a walking insult to my parents.” he added.



Hank Azaria, the actor who voices Apu said: “[The Simpsons have been] pretty humorously offensive to all manner of people. Republicans, Brazilians, presidents, school principals, Italians, you know it.”

“They take a lot of pride over there in not apologizing for any of that, and I think over the years they’ve done a really good job of being uniformly offensive without being outright hurtful.”

The millennial outrage comes months after they voiced concern over Friends, branding the show “transphobic,” “homophobic” and “sexist.”


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