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NOW THEY’RE VEGANGRY: Brave Restaurant Owner Tucks Into Steak In Front Of Vegan Protesters

A RESTAURANT owner angered vegan protesters after he tucked into a steak whilst the protesters watched through his restaurant’s window.

Unilad reports that Michael Hunter, dubbed ‘The Hunter Chef’, carved the leg of a deer in the window, and then sat down, and ate it while looking at them.

The protesters turned up to the restaurant to reach out to Hunter they asked him to ‘Please add vegan steak to the menu’ in chalk on the pavement outside, but were met with ‘taunting’ and a sign which read ‘venison is the new kale’.

One of the protesters told Unilad: “It’s enough the poor deer had her life taken and had her family destroyed.”

“That was an individual, she may have had a family, she may have had children, she may have had a partner.”

“She had her herd, her friends, her personality, her desires, her feelings, her wants, her fears, her loves, her character, her heart, her soul.”

“It’s enough all of that was taken from her, but now we have her body being defiled and degraded to taunt people who were simply advocated for her kind.”


“We chose that particular location to do our vegan outreach because that restaurant goes beyond the profound problem of serving the bodies of murdered animals, to actually celebrating the murder of animals.”

The vegan group hope the restaurant, will one day, ‘transition to a fully vegan operation that is every bit as prosperous for the owner and better for all beings’.

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