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May’s Commons ‘Vote Majority’ CUT as DUP MP Ian Paisley Suspended from Commons



THERESA May’s Commons Majority with the DUP has been cut after MPs voted to suspend DUP MP Ian Paisley for 30 sitting days from September.

The suspension comes after Paisley failed to declare two family holidays paid for by the Sri Lankan government.

The vote now means that he will be absent for key Brexit votes from September and if 10% of his Nothern Irish constituents sign a petition, a by-election could be called. Paisley insisted he will fight any by-election to save his Westminster seat if he is forced to stand down.

Mrs May’s Conservatives lost 13 MPs after the 2017 General Election meaning they were left with just 318 MPs in the Commons – short of the 326 majority needed to govern.


In June 2017, a £1bn agreement was agreed from Mrs May’s Magic Money tree that meant the 10 Northern Irish DUP MPs led by Arlene Foster would back the Tories in key Commons votes – crucial in getting key Brexit legislation through.

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