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Brexit Party

BUY BRITISH: Brexit Party Chairman Urges Campaign To Promote British Goods

RICHARD Tice, the Chairman of the Brexit Party and former MEP, has urged the Government to launch a campaign to promote British goods.

He said that he believes there is a strong consumer appetite for British goods;

“The Government really needs to be pushing that, in everything we do, from all works of our economy.

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“Let’s push a buy-British campaign, whether that is British wine, British made cars or food.

“Let’s have some patriotism in the way we buy and consume food.”

Brexit presents a huge opportunity, especially for the farming and fishing industry, he explained;

“The key benefit is we can focus on our nation’s own requirements and needs.

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“With fishing, I have talked about the importance of having control of our fishing waters.

“We can even boost tourism within fishing and likewise with farming.

“We only produced just under 60 percent of the food that we consume, in the 1980s that figure was 80 percent.

“We have reduced the number of our products and there is a huge opportunity to grow that again, especially with improvements to technology.”

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Tice’s comments come as it was revealed today that the UK economy is expected to contract by as much as 10.2% according to the International Monetary Fund. However, the UK is expected to perform better than some its European competitors with France’s economy projected to shrink by 12.5%.

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