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WRITE STUFF: College Tips on Writing a Research Essay

A RESEARCH essay is a creative reasoning paper in which the author talks about the main essence of the specific problem under consideration and offers reasoned ways to solve it.

The recommended form of presentation of the text is a question-answer using a number of homogeneous members of the sentence and introductory words (may vary slightly, depending on the direction of the study).

Topic selection

A research essay is a task that reflects the author’s expert view of an actual problem. The paper does not limit the writer in the choice of artistic means (epithets, hyperbole, metaphors) to convey feelings or experiences.

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  • A narrow topic that requires a specific position.
  • Reflection of subjective theses, coinciding or different from generally accepted norms, rules, or standards.
  • Conversational style. Short sentences without complicated terminology are welcome. The essay implemented in the genre of the story looks beautiful. The writer addresses the listener as a friend or close acquaintance and writes in the first person.
  • The use of profanity, vernacular, and slang is not allowed.
  • The task requires analysis without excess information and a set of empty words to increase the volume.
  • The student discusses the issue from several angles, arguing statements.
  • The essay has a logical structure. Thoughts are presented in a connected and sequential manner without jumping from one hypothesis to another.

The main purpose of the research essay is to make the reader think about what is written.

Differences from other types of essays:

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  • There is no plot, climax, or denouement;
  • Identification of cause-and-effect relationships formulated in a written analysis;
  • Original style – rhetorical questions, tropes, archaisms, neologisms;
  • Bigger volume.

Students may choose the topics of understanding literary works and characters, social trends, or historical events. Cases for students contain complex and deep issues related to interpersonal relationships and political and cultural phenomena.

The good qualities demonstrated while writing an essay are the ability to express a point of view, the skill of forming understandable sentences, competence, dedication, and personal and moral characteristics.

Essay structure

The research essay begins with an introduction or introductory statement. The initial part presents the text, so the maximum attention is given to the first paragraph. Nuances:

  • The introduction is the first thing the reader sees. It should be intriguing and attractive and contain brief information about the content. It is important to control the length of sentences. Avoid complex ones. Don’t drag out the narration. Express yourself clearly and concisely.
  • To draw up an introductory paragraph, you should think over the skeleton of the project: describe the idea on a piece of paper, indicate the goal, and select sources of information in the format of a list of references, if they are needed for the essay.
  • Freewriting helps not to lose key hypotheses. The meaning of the term is the recording of ideas in the form of abstracts, with further editing and elaboration. Each judgment is backed up by idioms and arguments, resulting in a filled and thoughtful essay.
  • If there are difficulties with the introduction, then you can start recording with a narrative paragraph and then return to the introduction.
  • A bright paradoxical remark in the heading will shock the teacher but will make them immerse themselves in reading and analysis. To begin with, it is allowed to use aphorisms with a modified subtext or modern synonyms.

The largest block is the main part. It is written in the format of reasoning and communication. In the central section, the author describes different orientations and points of view on the designated problem, studies the arguments, and inserts personal thoughts and reflections. Facts, statistics, and theories of experts or other writers are used to support hypotheses. A student can rely on life experience and supplement the essay with a story about the events that took place and conclusions that they made after it.

The conclusion sums up all of the above. In the final part, conclusions and advice are formed. A generalization is given of what the described situations can lead to and how to avoid undesirable consequences. If the essay is on a professional topic, then at the end, it is worth writing a logical conclusion that unites the voiced problems. The purpose of the final block is to give the research project a complete look.

How to prepare

Successful completion of a research essay requires the development of basic skills in expressing an opinion in a text format. To do this, it is necessary to expand the vocabulary, read journalistic works, to memorize terms, phraseological units, and literary expressions.

When preparing, it is worth considering the topic in advance if the title is in free form. It is better to choose a title that reflects personal experience or an individual point of view on socially significant issues.

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Separately, you should repeat the rules of spelling and punctuation. Train your attention, and edit your own essays. Criteria for evaluation:

  • Size from 200 words;
  • The presence of rare means of expression – allegories, symbols, analogies;
  • Unpredictability, unusual transitions;
  • Alternating polemics, questions, intonations, and colloquial vocabulary;
  • Formulation of the problem and its development;
  • Correctness of commenting and argumentation;
  • Semantic integrity, the connectedness of sentences;
  • Ethics and factual accuracy.

The research essay does not require clarifications and explanations; it is understood that the reader is already familiar with the intricacies of the issue and wants to hear exactly the author’s attitude. It is important not to be afraid to express your opinion, argue and express concepts and ideas in an original way.

Types of training:

  • Independent – regular paper writing with self-examination;
  • With a tutor – the teacher will point out the shortcomings and correct the gaps;
  • At specialized courses, which will teach you how to write research essays correctly.

The essay refers to a small written assignment, so it is not necessary to write detailed content for its implementation. The project is written in free form; the main thing is to follow the logic of the recitation to avoid going from one thought to another.

A research essay allows you to show the presence and ability to express and argue an individual position. Beautiful, consistent reasoning with non-standard phrases and expressions will help you get an excellent grade from teachers.



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